Ten Physical-Distancing Friendly Activities to do with Your Friends

First of all, let’s just acknowledge the fact that we haven’t posted in a long time. Hi! We are back from our break and ready to start posting regularly again.

At this point in time, you are probably becoming bored and lonely with your limited social activity. It can be challenging and complicated to spend time with your friends while still following physical distancing guidelines. Although it is difficult and definitely different, hanging out with your friends is definitely possible! Without further ado, here are ten activities to do with your friends, while still staying two metres apart…

    1. Have an outdoor movie night. This might sound difficult to set up, but it does not take very long and the end result is amazing. Here are some ideas:
      – Have your guests bring their own snacks and drinks to avoid spreading germs through food.
      – Have your guests bring blankets too, in case it gets cold.
      – Make sure that your chairs are spaced six feet apart.
      – Use a portable TV, a desktop computer or a white bed sheet with a projector to play your movie. 
    2. Have a Netflix Party. Outdoor movie night not your thing? Try this Google Chrome Extension to have a virtual movie night with your friends. This extension allows you to watch a movie in sync with your friends, while chatting in the chat room on the side.
    3. Have a picnic. Find a nice park or field and bring a packed lunch.  Each of your friends can bring their own blankets or lawn chairs, just ensure to space them two metres apart.
    4. Play Game Pigeon. You obviously cannot play sports or card games in person, but you can play them through text/iMessage. Simply download the Game Pigeon app from the app store and send the game of your choice to one of your friends. Some options are Crazy Eights, Four in a Row, Sea Battle, Archery and Basketball.
    5. Try out a Buzzfeed Quiz Party. Buzzfeed now allows you to take your favourite quizzes in sync with your friends and see everyone’s results. Just be sure to get a parent’s approval and make sure to take only quizzes that are appropriate. Some quizzes are not kid-friendly, so be careful. 
    6. Have a step competition. Compete with your friends to see who can get the most steps in one day, week or month! You can use your FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch or just an app on your phone to track your steps. Share how many steps you got with your friends to see who is the winner!
    7. Play Heads Up through a video chat. First, make sure that all of the friends that you plan to play with download the “Heads Up” app. To play, select a deck from the app. Place your device on your forehead, and a word will appear. Have your friends give you clues through video chat to help you guess what word it is. When you guess correctly, tilt your device down. To pass, tilt it up. Alternate between who guesses the word and who gives the clues. Watch this video to see the game being played!
    8. Start a small book club/book exchange. Trade a few of your favourite books with one of your friends, then discuss them over FaceTime or Skype when you are finished. You could also plan to read the same book at the same time as several of your friends, then discuss it with them through a video call, like a book club. 
    9. Do a virtual cleaning session! Wait, what? Yes, a virtual cleaning session. If your room needs to be cleaned, you have a ton of laundry to put away or a couple of drawers to organize, get on a FaceTime or Skype call with a few of your friends to clean your rooms together. Cleaning is a lot more fun when you can chat with your friends while you do it!
    10. Go on a bike ride. This is much different than going for a walk, because most of the time you will stay single file and pretty far apart, so it is easier to stay two metres away from each other. Find a quiet path and avoid going on the road so that you can have a conversation without having to yell over the sound of cars. 








Just remember; stay six feet apart from your friends at all times, wash your hands after going outside and follow all social/physical distancing guidelines for your country/province/state/city.

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