5 Ways To Create The Magical Summer Feeling During Winter!

Are you a summer person? Are you done with being stuck in what feels like an arctic cave? If so, this article is for you. Today, KidMag is posting 5 tips to help with your summer cravings!


Plan an indoor “tanning” day! Invite some friends over and have fun hanging out on pool towels in bathing suits. This will help bring back some of those fond summer pool memories!


Give your nails a summer themed manicure! Paint sand and the ocean, a sunset, pool towels, the sun, or any other image that reminds you of summer. Whenever you feel cold, you can look down at your nice, summer themed nails!

3. Have a summer themed sleepover! (in the middle of winter). Gather some friends and enjoy relaxing on pool towels in bathing suits. For snacks, serve pina coladas or lemonade, chips, fruit trays, and hotdogs. You can even crank up the thermostat to give the effect of heat.


Listen to your favourite summer playlist or make one if you don’t have one. Include your favourite songs to listen to in summer, songs that remind you of summer, or songs that were released during July and August.


Start planning your summer for this coming year! Plan vacations, camps, family time, friend time, and more. You can even look into hotels and research places to visit or restaurants to try. Your plans can be as crazy as you want them to be, even if your family doesn’t approve.

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