KidMags NEW Ongoing Story; Voices!!!

Today, instead of posting a short story, KidMag is starting another ongoing story. This story is for all ages, and contains no violence or any content that should not be read by kids.

The story, Voices, was written by KidMag publisher awesomeella. This story is what we like to call a perspectives story, which means that it allows the reader to hear all characters points of view. Voices has 7 main characters who you will read chunks of the story from. However, to keep today’s post shorter, you will only meet four of the seven characters.



School sucks. 

Most people agree with me. I mean, what’s the point of going to school when you can stay home and do better stuff with your time. Playing pranks on your sister, stealing cookies from moms secret cabinet, or even playing video games like Fortnite.

All of that is better than going to school. 


“C’mon Hana, we need to meet my sister at the pool!” 

Shouted  my best friend, Abby. We were walking out the door of her house into the sunny Toronto air.

Abby was my best friend in the entire world- most of the time. Sometimes she was mean, I guess, but I don’t let that bother me. I was still her friend after all.

It was the last weekend before school started, and Abby and I had made plans to go to the pool and savour the remainders of the summer heat. I was in an art camp all last week, so we’d barely seen each other. We walked to the pool in flip flops and towels, soaking up the last of the sun’s warm rays.

We weren’t excited for school to start, but there were some things we were also looking forward to this year. It was fun to hang out together at recess and be big buddies to the kindergartens.

When you put it that way, it didn’t sound so bad.


The hot summer sun poured into my bedroom window, providing the light needed to read my book. I’m a real bookworm and, if you ask, my room is practically a library. I have 127 books all in one room. They are  stacked neatly on shelves and organized exactly how I want them.

Right now, I’m reading Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. It’s a thrilling book, about a young orphan with red hair and her best friend Diana. Anne and Diana have such adventures. I could  sit all day and read about them.

But, of course, Mom would come and rip my hands from that book no matter how hard I held on. Mom loved the fact that I was such a bookworm, but she just wanted me to get fresh air from time to time, which was okay, but I still preferred reading.

I don’t have any friends, either, but that’s OK with me. Who needs friends when you have plenty of friends in books? That’s what I always say to myself when I’m lonely.

I guess you could call me more of the quiet type, and I don’t disagree. I’m not laughed at or teased, but I’m not appreciated or noticed, and that’s fine by  me. I don’t want to be noticed.

I go through the school year without raising my hand or talking too loudly and still get good marks, so I guess I was excited for school. After all, it meant more book projects and time in an actual library, but I also had to face the challenges of trying not to be noticed and… math tests – which I always failed.


Summer was fun. Like, you could go to the pool whenever, and mom was always around working from home. I got to hang out with my bestie, Hana, and that was great. I also got to go to a young adults fashion camp in Ottawa, and that was the best. We got to design clothing, measure it, test it, and even wear it. I came home loaded with even more style and fashion tips.  

I was also pumped for school to start. Making fun of all the dweebs is hilarious, especially when Ethan wears his weird scout shirt to class. Like, what does he even do with his time? Sit around and do service projects and math problems!?


We hope you have enjoyed the first post of our ongoing story! Make sure to come back next time when we post more!

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