Easy and Festive DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is only five days away! We are so excited! For most students, Winter Break has begun and kids are relaxing without having to worry about school. 

With the beginning of Winter Break, lots of kids are finding themselves with a lot of spare time. Here is a fun, festive craft to do over Winter Break and keep for years to come!

To make DIY Christmas ornaments, you will need:

Shrink Plastic (Shrinky Dinks™️ work best)

Several Colours of Permanent Markers 


Hole Punch


Blank Paper

Pen or Pencil

Varnish (optional)

To start, sketch out your designs on a blank sheet of paper just to get your ideas down. Don’t worry about perfection! 


Then, draw larger versions of each sketch on blank paper. These should look a bit neater than your initial sketches, as you are going to be tracing them onto the shrink plastic.


Cut your sketches out.


Trace your sketches onto the shrink plastic in pencil. It’s easier if you tape your sketch down so that it doesn’t move around.


Once your design is on the sheet of shrink plastic, go over it in permanent marker. 


Colour your design in with permanent markers. This is the fun part!


Make sure to hole punch above your design so that it can actually become an ornament. Do not forget this step!


Cut out your design. Be careful while cutting because sometimes the plastic can crack while being trimmed.


Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place your design on the baking sheet. Bake at 325° fahrenheit for 1-3 minutes. Don’t worry if they curl in the oven, just let them bake until they flatten out. Don’t reach into the oven and try to save them, they will flatten out most of the way on their own.



Upon removal from the oven, press a flat surface against it, like a pancake turner. 

Thread string through the hole created by the hole punch. 

Use to decorate your Christmas tree or as a gift for a loved one!






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