QUIZ: How Active Are You?

Today, KidMag is posting a quiz. This quiz will help you understand how much you exercise, if you need to be more active, or if you need to take a break from exercising.

  1. When you get home from school, you are most likely to…


A. Have a quick snack and go for a run with your mom, dad or dog

B. Start on your homework and then go play outside

C. Sit on the couch reading a book or scrolling through YouTube 


  1. Your parents are always telling you to


A. Slow down

B. Try new things

C. Get off the couch


  1. You wish you were…


A. Less stressed and had more time to get stuff done

B. Braver 

C. More alert


  1. Your favourite after school activity is…


A. Soccer practice 

B. I can’t decide between art and cross country running

C. I don’t have any after school activities 


  1. Your friends like you because…


A. You never say no to a running race with them

B. You are creative, as well as a good athlete 

C. You always know which YouTube videos are trending


  1. You like to think of yourself as


A. A great teammate, on and off the field 

B. Multi-talented 

C. Smart and loyal


That’s it for the quiz! Make sure you count up your answers and scroll to the bottom for results!


Mostly A’s:


You are extremely active and strong. You love it when you get the chance to move around whether in gym class or on a sports team. Your parents and coaches are proud of your determination and commitment, as well as your performance. Although regularly exercising is good for you, exercising too much can lead to injuries, tight muscles and a decreased performance in team sports. Take a break when you need one and know it’s OK to not exercise every day.


Mostly B’s:


You have found the perfect balance between being active and resting. You like to participate in sports, but you also have other interests that you like to take part in. If your level of activeness starts dwindling, don’t be afraid to jump back in. 


Mostly C’s:


You have a hard time being active, mostly because of screen temptations. You have probably heard from your parents by now that you need to get more exercise, and it’s true. Not exercising can lead to heart attacks and blood problems. If you need to stop a screen addiction, check out KidMag’s new article on how to crush your screen addiction.

We hope you liked our quiz! Be sure to tell us what you learned using our contact page!