Make Festive Wintery Snow Globes!

Winter isn’t officially here yet, but it’s coming soon, and we are excited! It’s pretty snowy in Canada at the moment, so we were inspired to make a winter-themed craft. A snow globe!

All you need are some items easily found in your home:

1. Empty Jar
2. Soap
3. Water
4. Hot Glue
5. Permanent Markers
6. Glossy Photo Paper
7. Glitter (optional)

To start, cut a small square of paper from your photo paper and begin drawing the image that you would like to be in your snowglobe.


Then, hot glue the picture that you have drawn onto the lid of your jar.

When you are done, it should look like this.

Set aside. Then, grab your jar and pour in some water. Leave some room for soap. (If you want your glitter to move slower, leave more room for soap. If you want it to move faster, leave less room for soap.) The jar should be filled over halfway with water.


Fill the jar the rest of the way with soap. It should not be completely full.


Add glitter! 🌈


Glue on the lid of the jar to prevent any leakages.


Done! Use your jar for festive decoration around your house or as a gift for a loved one!


Tell us how your snowglobe turns out using our contact page!