KidMag Presents… This or That: Dessert Edition!

Before we start this article, let’s just address something…

Last week was Remembrance Day. Because of that, we did not post anything on Friday or Monday last week. Although if we had stuck to that exact schedule, today would be a craft, we decided we are going to resume our schedule from where we left off. This means that today’s article is going to be a This-or-That.

This week we decided we are going to do a dessert-themed This-or-That. Yes, we have done food-themed This-or-That before, but dessert is a totally different thing. We think.

Anyways, let’s get started.

Would You Rather…

Have a golden cupcake with silver frosting and real edible gold beads on top for your birthday


A chocolate cupcake with rainbow frosting filled with warm, gooey chocolate fudge for your birthday?

Make beautiful rainbow macarons with dollops of strawberry whipped cream on top


Make a three-layer cake with shiny golden frosting and silver candies on top?

Paint a picture of your friend’s favourite dessert and give it to your friend


Make your friend’s favourite dessert and give it to your friend?

Compete on your favourite baking show – you don’t win


Compete on “Nailed It” (a Netflix TV show for amateur bakers) and win?

Baking class


Art class?

Junk food is healthy


Be one of those people who genuinely prefers healthy food over junk food?

Have the best kitchen complete with all of the baking tools you could ever wish for


Have the most amazing art studio with art supplies galore?

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