Tips and Tricks For Trick or Treating This Year

Today, a guest writer, Olivia P, has written an article with tips and tricks for Trick or Treating this year!

Tip 1: If you live in a cold country, make sure that you can fit a coat under your costume because it will get cold late at night, especially if it snows. You don’t want to be in a t-shirt because you won’t have as much fun trick or treating as you would if you were warm. It might not match your costume perfectly, but people will understand because they can relate to you if they live in your country. Remind your friends to do the same, otherwise, they might have to go in early and you won’t want to go back out without them.


Tip 2: Draw out a route of houses you want to go to so your not all over the place and missing houses in your area. If there is a house that usually has a good type of candy then make sure to include that in your route. Your parent or guardian might also want to know where you are at what times so drawing out your route might help with that. It might also help if you get lost.


Tip 3: Have a flashlight for when it gets dark so if your parent or adult that you’re with can always see you or if you get lost to be able to find your home again. You can also do morse code with your friends with the flashlight because if you and your friends are on separate streets you would be able to communicate more easily.


Tip 4: Wear bright colours so that you can be seen. One, so that people can you in the dark when crossing the road. Two, because then your costume will be more noticeable in the dark. Three, because then your parent will be able to tell who you are by the different colours on your jacket or costume. 


Tip 5: Remember, this is easy. Eat candy. T’is the season to eat candy fa la la la la la la la la!

By Olivia P

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