What Costume Should You Wear For Halloween?

Halloween is a very exciting time of the year! You get to dress up in a silly costume, go around with your friends while it’s dark, and collect a bag full of candy! What’s better than that?

A big part of Halloween is choosing your costume, especially with the hundreds of options that are out there nowadays. Take this fun quiz to figure out which common Halloween costume you are based on your personality!


Your teachers describe you as…

A.  Outgoing, fearless, and courageous

B.  Energetic, strong, and determined

C.  Quiet, thoughtful, and smart

D.  Excited, happy, always smiling


Your favourite thing about Halloween is…

A. Yelling  “trick-or-treat” at every doorstep with your friends

B. Trying to beat your record of the most houses visited on Halloween night

C.  Dressing up in a fun costume so no one can recognize you

D. All of it! (But mostly the candy!)


You’re favourite after school activity this year is…

A. Leadership club where everyone gets a voice

B.  Soccer

C.  Piano

D.  Drama club


You wish you had more confidence to…

A. Confidence? I’m not afraid of anything!

B. Try out for the senior team at school

C.  Raise your hand in class

D.  Try out for the choir solo


When you are older, you imagine living…

A. In a big city where everyone knows who you are

B.  Close to a famous sports arena so you never miss a game

C. In a small town near the mountains where you can gaze out the window and think

D.  In Florida, so you can go to Disney World anytime you want


Your dream event would be…

A. To be a guest host on a famous talk show

B. Awarded a spot in the sports hall of fame

C. To meet your favourite author and talk to her about her books

D.  To spend the day with all your friends at a massive waterpark and eat lots of party snacks


Now, count up your answers and scroll down to find out which Halloween costume fits your personality!






































Mostly A’s…

Congratulations, You’re Halloween costume is a witch!

Just like a witch, you are confident, outgoing, and unafraid! You have lots of friends, a big heart, and know when to share an opinion. Kids look up to you for being able to speak your mind whether in class or with your closest friends!


Mostly B’s…

Congratulations, your Halloween costume is a skeleton!

You are strong, athletic, and have a competitive spirit. You love to win, but even more than that, you love to be active in whatever you do. You take part in multiple sports, and your coaches admire you for your willingness to do your best and learn from your mistakes!


Mostly C’s…

Congratulations, your Halloween costume is a ghost!

You are a quieter person, and you tend to stay in the background. You find pleasure in the little things and enjoy certain hobbies such as reading, writing, music, drawing, or gardening. You are also very smart, and your teachers can expect a lot from you when it comes to projects and assignments.


Mostly D’s

Congratulations, your Halloween costume is a black cat!

You are energetic, positive, and sometimes crazy.  You go through life with a smile on your face and don’t worry much. You love to have a good time and you have a big sweet tooth. Your friends love to hang out with you because you are full of fun and never let a dull moment go by!

We hope you enjoyed KidMag’s costume quiz article! Be sure to tell us what YOU are dressing up as this Halloween using our contact page!