Important Announcement!

Happy Election Day Canadians!

Yes, we are aware that today was scheduled to be a quiz. However, we have an important reminder that you should know.

On KidMag, we have a Guest Writer category that, unfortunately, barely gets used. The last time a post was published in the Guest Writer category was on April 17.

Although many KidMag viewers are unaware of this, we are always looking for kid-created content to post in our Guest Writer category and we welcome any submissions that are sent to us.

We guarantee that every single submission sent to us by kids 14 and under will be published, unless it contains inappropriate content.

In order to have your work published on KidMag, there is a straight-forward process that we follow that can take up to two weeks to be completed:

1. Send us the article that you would like posted on KidMag by simply copy and pasting your work into our Contact Page. Your work will not be considered unless you include your parent’s email and your age in your submission, however, you are not required to send any more details unless you feel comfortable.

2. KidMag sends you an email back with some suggestions for minor edits within a few days. You will make these edits, and then we may or may not send you some more suggestions for edits.

3. When we are both 100% happy with the quality of your article, we will let you know the exact time and date that we are going to post it on. Keep in mind that it may not be for a few months.

So, if you are interested in writing for KidMag we welcome your submissions! Tell your friends!

P.S. Sorry to the people who came here for a quiz! We will post a quiz on Wednesday instead of Monday so stay tuned!