Four Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

NOTE: This article was posted on a Wednesday due to Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

Halloween is around the corner, and for most kids, this means picking out the perfect Halloween costume to wear for Trick-or-Treating. Kids around the globe are analyzing costume ideas and figuring out the perfect thing to wear on Halloween. KidMag has some costume ideas to help you pick out the perfect creative outfit to wear for Halloween that will impress your friends and everyone that you meet!

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors
    This costume works best for: 3 People
    If you are going Trick-or-Treating with two other friends, then this costume is perfect for you!
    Buying the costume is always an option if you can find it, but Halloween costumes are really fun to make! Here are some basic instructions to help you get started on making your costume:
    Rock: To make the rock, you will need a white t-shirt that fits you, as well as an oversized gray t-shirt, and some stuffing. Insert the white t-shirt inside of the gray one and sew the bottom of the white shirt and the gray shirt together. Make sure that you can still wear both of the shirts, you shouldn’t have sewn either of the shirts shut. Then, sew the neck of the shirts together in the same way, except leaving about two inches open for inserting stuffing into. When you have finished the neck, sew the sleeves. Once you are done the sleeves, put on the shirt to make sure that you can still wear it and you didn’t sew anything shut.
    Then, using the hole that you should have left in the neck of the shirt, stuff the shirt full of stuffing. When you are satisfied with how it looks, sew the rest of the neck and try it on!

    Paper: To make the paper costume, you will need two large sheets of white poster board and some cardboard. Cut two strips of cardboard to be about ten inches long, and attach the two pieces of poster board together using the cardboard strips, so that they are in this shape:

    Hang the cardboard strips on your shoulders to wear the costume.

    Scissors: To make the scissors costume, you will need cardboard and paint. To start, cut out two large pieces of cardboard into a scissor shape and paint them to look like scissors. Then, cut out two ten-inch strips of cardboard, and, using the same method as you did for the paper, attach the two cardboard pairs of scissors together. Then, try it on!

  2. Two Peas in a Pod
    This costume works best for: 2 People
    This costume is perfect if you are going Trick-or-Treating with your best friend who you spend lots of time with.
    You can really make this costume in any way that you would want to, but one idea is to first cut out two boat-shaped pieces of cardboard and paint them entirely green. Use strips of green ribbon to hang one “pod” from each person’s shoulder. Dress up in all green, and if you wanted to, paint your faces green as well!
    HINT: You could purchase this shirt and wear it for Trick-or-Treating!

  3. Stick Man
    This costume works best for: 1 person
    For this costume, you will need an entirely black outfit as well as some Glow-Sticks.
    To start, glue the Glow-Sticks onto the black outfit in the shape of a stick man. Then, right before you go Trick-or-Treating, activate all of the Glow-Sticks. In the dark, the glow sticks will glow and you will look like a stick man!

    Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 2.30.13 PM.png
    Photo Credit: CloeCouture

  4. Beanie-Boo
    This costume works best for: 1 person
    This costume is super simple and easy to make last minute!
    All you have to do is make one of those little heart-shaped tags that attach to Beanie-Boos that have a poem about the stuffy and the stuffy’s birthday inside. You can easily make this out of paper.
    Use string to attach the tag to a onesie, and you are all done!

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