How Much Do You Procrasinate?

Kids, adults, siblings, you name it – everyone procrastinates in some way. Some times it’s from sheer laziness, other times its because of stress and overwhelmedness. But no matter what the circumstances are, it is a bad habit. So, KidMag has created a quiz to help you find out just how much you procrastinate.


  1. You have three homework assignments to finish this weekend, but your friend really wants to go out for milkshakes with you. You agree to go, but tell yourself that you have to come back and finish your homework once you’re done. However, you end up having so much fun with your friend, you decide to spend the rest of the day with her. When you finally return home, it’s too late to work on your homework. You end up having to hand them in a day late. Does this sound like you?

    A. Not really.
    B. Yes, that has happened once or twice.
    C. That happens to me all the time…


  1. While in a group project, your job is to write a speech for your group’s topic. While texting with your group, you learn that no one has started yet. You relax because you weren’t really sure what to write anyway. So when you pick up your electronics for some chill time you spend more time on your device than usual. You keep telling yourself you will have lots of time. But little by little, completing it after dinner goes to early in the morning, and early in the morning goes from scrambling to finish at lunch the next day before the presentation is due. You wish you just finished it when you had lots of time. Does this sound like you?


  1. Nope! I always start a project once I get it.
  2. Kind of.
  3. Yeah…

  1. Because you have soccer practice tonight, your mom says you have to have your soccer outfit on while you eat dinner to save time. But you are really focused on the bracelet you’re making for your sister and you don’t want to stop. You keep working on your bracelet anyway and forget all about having to put your jersey and cleats on. It is not until your mom calls you down for dinner that you realize you were supposed to put on your gear. Your mom is disappointed in you and you arrive ten minutes late to practice. Does this sound like you?


  1. Nope!
  2. I can relate.
  3. That always happens…


  1. You and your friends are organizing a community bake sale. You’re excited to raise money for a new tennis court, but the actual baking part makes your stomach hurt. You are not a great baker, and even though you asked for the easiest recipe, you still don’t feel like baking. What if people have to spit your cookies out and you don’t raise as much as planned because of them. So you decide to put the cookies off until later.

Suddenly, you only have one hour before the bake sale and the cookies are not made. Scrambling, you end up having to run to the grocery store and pick up boring, store-bought cookies.  Does this sound like you? 


  1. I always face my fears
  2. Well… not really. Maybe a day in the future. 
  3. (sigh) ….. Yes.


  1. Why are you taking this quiz?


  1. I had some spare time since I have everything that I need to do finished, so I rewarded myself with some time on the internet.
  2. I was just taking a quick break from my homework. When I’m done the quiz, I’m going to go back to working on math.
  3. I don’t wanna do my homework! I admit that I haven’t started it yet, but I’ll do it right after I finish this quiz… and then watch some YouTube… and then play on my X-Box… and then have a snack… and then watch some TV… and then more YouTube… and another snack… And then I promise I’ll do my homework (maybe)


Thanks for taking the quiz! Scroll down for your answers!


Mostly A’s:


Congratulations! You rarely procrastinate, giving you the ability to be able to hand assignments in on time and enjoy time to yourself.  You never have to worry about a late assignment because you alway get started on it right away once given out. Teachers are especially fond of you because they can trust you will complete your work and put in your best effort. Keep up the good work!


Mostly B’s:


You do a pretty good job of staying focused, but you still have some slip-ups every now and then. As hard as it might be, try starting an assignment as soon as you get it, and stay with it for as long as you can. When you are done, you can finally allow yourself to go on electronics or whatever way you might be craving to spend your time. For more tips, check out  KidMag’s Top Ten Tips For Finishing Homework.


Mostly C’s:


You tend to procrastinate more than you should, but don’t worry. With hard work, you can overcome your habit and start handing in homework on time! Now, we’re not saying this is an easy habit to break, so you should expect some failure. But just because it will be hard is no reason to back out. 


To help you stay focused longer try setting a timer for 15-20 minutes. For those 15-20 minutes, put all your effort into what you need to get done. When the timer stops, take a 5-minute break to jump on a trampoline, grab a quick snack, do a KidMag quiz with your sister, etc. When 5 minutes is up, get straight back to work. Keep timing until you finish your task. 


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