KidMag Presents… This or That: Fairy Tale Edition!

Today, our post is another This Or That article. This week’s theme is Fairy Tales!

If you’d like you can play with a friend and compare results with each other to see what things you agree on, and what things you don’t.

OK! Let’s start.

Would You Rather…

Swim with a mermaid in the deep blue ocean


Ride on an alicorn (a unicorn with wings) through the clouds while the sun sets?

Whenever you touch dirt, a flower garden appears


Have the power to talk to all different kinds of animals?

Be able to flutter away and fly through the skies with twinkling pixie dust like a fairy


Tour your favourite Disney princess’s castle?

Live in a cute, cozy cottage in the woods


Live in a house made of gingerbread and candy?

Have a friendly dragon as a pet that breathes glitter instead of fire


Have a pet unicorn that you ride to school?

Kiss a slimy, gross frog


Get trapped in a villans secret layer?

Be able to breathe underwater like a mermaid


Sprout a horn like a unicorn when you snap your fingers?

Make friends with a cyclops


Enter a house where a bear family lives and make yourself at home by eating their porridge and laying in their beds?

Foil an evil witch’s gruesome plan


Go on an expedition with a kind fairy?

We hoped you enjoyed this magically amazing This or That! Make sure to tell us what your favourite question was using our contact page!