KidMag’s New Schedule To Ensure Consistent Posting

Hello KidMag viewers! We hope you are having a great time back at school.

Today, KidMag has a very important announcement to make. We are introducing a schedule for posting. This means that you will know what kind of article that we will be posting on each day. KidMag will post consistently on Mondays and Fridays and we will alternate between Recipes, Polls, This-or-Thats, Tips, Crafts, Quizzes, Short Stories, and random articles. There might be a few bonus articles posted on Wednesdays here and there as well.

The schedule is below. When we have gone through the whole schedule, it will repeat. We will begin posting on this schedule on Friday, September 6th.

Friday – Recipe

Monday – Poll

Friday – This or That

Monday – Tips/Lists or Ideas

Friday – Craft

Monday – Quiz

Friday – Short Story

Monday – Random Article!

Then the schedule repeats.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact page.