15 Fun Little Activities To Prevent Summer Boredom

Summer is fun! There is sunshine, vacations, ice cream and a lot of free time with no school. But sometimes with all of that free time, you also get boredom. You have nothing to do, and you start longing for school to start again just so that you have something to do. To avoid feeling bored, KidMag has prepared twenty activities to do when you are feeling bored.

  1. Do some Perler Beads!
  2. Make some awesome ice cream using only items found at home!
  3. Make some little clothes for dolls! Making real clothes might seem like too much to tackle, so start by making small clothes for small dolls! You don’t have to play with dolls for this activity, you can use them as decoration or you can give them to younger siblings. You will need fabric, scissors, a sewing needle and some thread, and you can decorate them with buttons, ribbon or even glitter!
  4. Try making homemade play dough with this recipe!
  5. Try making a paper boat!
  6. Paint rocks! Just gather some rocks from outside, get some acrylic paint and a paintbrush, and start painting! You could also try decorating the rocks with pipe cleaners, pom poms, glitter, buttons or googly eyes!
  7. Fill a water gun with some washable paint, grab some paper or a canvas, and shoot the water gun at it. It will create a beautiful splatter paint art piece!
  8. Gather a few eggs and some craft materials, as well as some styrofoam, bubble wrap, grocery bags and a shoe box or two. Using these materials, try to find inventive ways to package the egg so that when you drop it from a two story building it doesn’t crack. You could even have a few friends over and have a competition to see who’s design wins! You could have a category for design (how pretty it looks), a category for durability, and a category for efficiency!
  9. Make a music video using Video Star (an app that can be downloaded on your phone, iPad or other device), or a short movie using iMovie! It can be a fun summer project to work on with siblings or friends, and you can film outside if it’s a nice day or inside if the weather is bad. It might also be fun to watch it next year and look back on the memories that you made while filming.
  10. Print off a map of your country and plan out the route to your ultimate road trip! You can even do some research online about where you want to stop and what you want to do there. Maybe one day you can really go on this trip!
  11. Plan your dream house! You can cut out furniture from magazines (or just draw it) and decide what each room is. 
  12. Blend your favourite type of smoothie and freeze it in a popsicle mold overnight. The next day you will have a healthy twist on a delicious, juicy popsicle.
  13. Gather your friends or siblings and paint each other with washable paint or face paint. Then turn on the sprinkler and run through to clean off.
  14. Explore Google Maps on a computer, iPad or phone. Find places that you want to go and look around. You can also find the International Space Station if you try!
  15. Make an obstacle course in your backyard using hula hoops, skipping ropes, pylons and even a sprinkler or your hose. Then time yourself as you go through it.

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