Five Tips To Help You Get Through A Busy Week When There Is A Lot For You To Do

Whew! If you can’t tell, last week and the week before were busy weeks for KidMag. Not many articles were posted, and this was because of some very busy schedules. 

It can be hard when there is a lot to do and you only have a limited amount of time to finish so many tasks. It can cause stress and anxiety, which throws things off a little. It’s a cycle – you have a lot to do, so you get stressed out and anxious. This results in it being challenging to focus, so you get less done. The cycle repeats.

Whether it’s a lot of homework or something else that you have to finish, these tips can help you get through any busy and challenging week.

  1. Use checklists. It can be even more challenging to get everything done when you don’t even know what to do next! Have you gameplan all laid out for you by using a checklist. You can either do a paper checklist or download a checklist app, like this one. Here is an example of a checklist that you might use:

    Practice Piano
    Finish Birthday Card for Grandma
    Finish Math Assignment
    Sweep the floor
    Clean my fish tank
    Pack my suitcase for the trip to Hawaii

  2. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Put away distracting items like your phone (unless you have a checklist on it) so that you are not tempted to pick it up and start watching YouTube. When you tell yourself, “I’ll just watch one YouTube video,” it seems to always end up in a two hour YouTube marathon. You don’t have any time to waste, so get to work!

  3. Take breaks. When you are really busy you are starting to lose concentration, a break might be the key to getting you back on track. If you work on whatever it is you are working on for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break, you should be fine! Just make sure that it is an active break, like jumping on a trampoline or taking your dog for a quick walk around the block. Always have a parent monitoring your breaks so that they don’t end up being longer than five minutes.

  4. During weeks that you know are busy, it is important to get enough sleep as well as to eat healthily. This way, it will be easier to concentrate and you will be happier throughout the week. You will get more done if you are well-rested and not hungry, and you may do better in school as well!

  5. No YouTube, Internet or TV – these are time wasters, which you don’t have time for on a busy week! Like, we said in a previous tip, what you intended to be just one YouTube video can turn into a giant YouTube marathon. Same goes for Netflix and other TV. But, when your busy week is over, you can use a Netflix binging session as your reward. You can catch up on your favourite TV show while eating junk food and lazing around in your pyjamas – it will be so much fun, especially after a week of no Internet or Netflix.

Remember that you don’t have time to waste time, get through your busy week first! Do your best, and then you can have that YouTube marathon afterwards.

Did our tips for a busy week help you out? Let us know using our contact page!