5 Easy Teacher Gifts You Can Buy/Make Without Help!

Teachers rock!

And to make sure they feel that way, think about a thoughtful gift to get them for the end of a great year. Lots of the times, parents buy your teacher gift- if you get one at all- and you don’t really get any say or can help. So here are some awesome teacher gifts sure to make your favourite teacher smile- and all of them can be from YOU!

1.  Scrabble tiles to create a meaningful sentence or acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is where you write the name of the person (in this case, your teacher) and write a quality of theirs starting with the first letter.

An example:


From Your Dictionary “Acrostic Poem Examples”

After you have come up with a poem or message, glue the tiles onto a paper of your choosing and put it into a picture frame.

2. Make them a “You Can Do It” jar.  You know the days when your classmates misbehave, and your teacher is in a sour mood because of it, and the clock seems to be broken? Those days are hard on everyone and are hardest on teachers. Here is the gift idea: Take an old mason jar and fill it with little hand made messages that can cheer up your teacher when they’re in a glum mood. Fill the jar with quotes, jokes, compliments, or even a heartful message from yourself. You can also decorate the jar with stickers or fabric.

3. A really thoughtful card would make your teachers feel over the moon with joy and even bring tears to their eyes. Get some paper, pens, markers, and create a homemade card. Write about why you like them, their funniest moments, the most important thing you learned this year (it doesn’t have to be school related!) and anything else you would like to say. As far as gifts go, teachers agree that personal gifts made by children are high on their “likes” list.

4. Donate your favourite book to your class library! This is a great idea for graduating students because they know their book will always be in their classroom and new students can enjoy it just like you once did! To add a more meaningful element, sign the inside of the book and include your name, a message addressed to your teacher and the year. This way, your teacher will never forget it was YOU who gave him such a great book.

5. Something themed to your teacher’s interests or likings. For example, if you know your teacher likes to crochet, buy them a big ball of colourful yarn. Or maybe your teacher really likes coffee, so you would buy him a Starbucks gift card. Just be sure not to get anything you don’t think is appropriate for them, or that you would feel awkward giving.


ONE LAST IMPORTANT NOTE: Teachers will appreciate almost everything you give them, but there are some things they like more than others. Just to make sure you get the right gift, here is a list of items your teachers won’t appreciate: 

1. Mugs. Teachers get so many mugs from so many students every year that they can no longer put a mug to use. We know, there are a lot of really cute mugs out there, but your teacher already has one similar or just doesn’t need another. If you know your teacher has lots of mugs from former students and you want to be funny, you could get him/her a rack to store all their mugs!

2.  Lotion, soaps, gels, creams etc. This is a tough one because lots of these things are scented, and teachers don’t necessarily want you buying them body products. Maybe it’s OK if you know your teacher loves a certain brand or scent, but if not, don’t buy it.

3.  Any food or candy. This is another tough one. First of all, this is risky because you may not know if your teacher has any allergies, and second, you may not know your teacher’s taste or what they like. However, this is a pretty good gift if you have a specific food or treat you know your teacher loves and does not have allergies to. So, if you are planning to get your teacher a treat of some sort, make sure you know what they really like and that they are allergy free.

Thanks for reading our article! We hope it helped you come up with an amazing teacher gift idea! Make sure to tell us your favourite gift idea using our contact page!