7 Tips To Get Your Schoolwork More Organized

“Where did you put that math assignment from May 2nd?” You look up at your teacher. Although you wish you had organized your schoolwork before, now it’s hopeless. You have no idea where that fractions worksheet went.

Your schoolwork might be a mess, and that’s probably the problem. If you can’t find something that you need to hand in to your teacher, it’s probably pretty stressful. Not to mention that it’s pretty embarrassing to tell your teacher, “I lost it.”

Read the tips below to organize your school work, and avoid having to tell your teacher that you lost yet another worksheet. (“Again?”)

  1. Use a different binder for each half of the year. As you might know, the binder that you receive at the beginning of the year starts to get really thick or even overflow by the end of the year. It can get hard to find specific projects and it might even be a challenge to put a new piece of paper in the binder without everything falling out. To avoid your binder overflowing as well as to make it easier to find things from different times of the year, we recommend getting two binders: one for all the worksheets that you did from September to January, and the other to use from February to June. Then, if your teacher asks for a worksheet that you did on January 16th, you know that it is in the first binder.
    This tip does involve buying extra supplies, but we think that it’s worth it. It will keep your work better organized, and that is a priority.
    NOTE: Sometimes students don’t even receive binders from their teacher! If you don’t, we recommend buying one.
  2. Create a checklist. It’s pretty hard to keep track of which projects you have finished, and which ones you haven’t. Create a checklist of the projects and worksheets that you haven’t done, and work through them until every assignment on the checklist is checked off. When the teacher gives you a new assignment, add it to your checklist. This will make it so much easier to keep track of which assignments you are done and which assignments you aren’t quite finished.
  3. If your teacher gives you a rubric, staple it to the assignment that it belongs with. Lots of students throw out the rubric or just ignore it, but don’t do that! If you receive a rubric, you are lucky! Some schools don’t hand out rubrics. Keep all the rubrics you receive because they are a cheat sheet to get you good marks. You want to keep these.
    To make sure that you use the right rubric for the project that you are working on, staple it to the project so that it is easy to find.
  4. Put things away as you go. If you just stuff an assignment into your locker or cubby without putting it where it is supposed to go (in your binder etc.) then eventually your cubby or locker will become a colossal mess that takes forever to clean up. Take a second to put a worksheet in your binder, otherwise, the mess will build up into a giant one and it will take forever to clean up.
  5. Buy extra organization supplies in your own time if you think that would benefit you. Although it isn’t necessary, if you think it would help you, you should go for it. Here are a few things you could buy to help you get organized:
    – A jar for holding pencils and erasers
    – A mesh or cardboard magazine holder to hold your books
    – A folder to put any homework that you get – just grab the folder on the way out of school and you will have all of your homework ready to go!
    – A bento box – you can use one section to hold pencils, another to hold erasers, one to hold paper clips, and another to hold markers or pencil crayons.
  6. Ask your teacher if you can stay inside for recess to clean out your cubby or locker. At some schools, this might be allowed, but ask your teacher when you can clean out your cubby or locker, like while the rest of your class goes to the library or is cleaning up your classroom. Your teacher will be happy to help you with this (we hope) because he/she knows that you are trying to get organized.                        Obviously, cleaning out your locker or cubby will take a decent amount of time, which is why you have to stay in for recess. You are not going to be able to quickly do it between periods because it won’t be thorough and might end up being just as messy and chaotic as before.
    If your cubby or locker always looks like a bomb went off inside, it’s probably time for you to clean it. Although you could be dreading this, you will feel refreshed and organized by the time it is over, and you might ever be able to decorate it along the way!
  7. Write the date on EVERYTHING.  When your teacher asks you to get a worksheet from a specific date, you want to know which worksheet is from which day. When your teacher asks for a worksheet from April 3rd, you don’t want to hand in one from September.

Now that you have followed our tips, hopefully, you can find that fractions worksheet from May 2nd! 😊

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