QUIZ: Which Emoji Are You?

We all love emojis. They give us the ability to express our emotions through iMessage, email or social media –  sometimes words cannot do that as well. They are also pretty cute!

Emojis have become sort of like a universal language. Everyone understands them – you don’t have to speak English or Japanese to know what we mean by this emoji:🥳 . People use them all over the world, and different emojis are more popular in different places.

The most popular emoji in the world is this one: 😂

In Canada, it’s the heart: ❤

In Ireland, they love #2. But the #1 most popular emoji in Ireland is: 💩

In America, as well as in Trinidad, Jamaica and the United Kingdom, its the laughing emoji that people use the most: 😂

Each emoji can portray a different personality. Which emoji are you?


Imagine that your school decided that you would get a week off of school. You are very excited about this – until the principal announces that they are cancelling it and you will attend school as usual. How would you react?

  1. You would be happy! You love school and wouldn’t want to miss it!
  2. You would be kind of upset, but you would laugh and make a joke out of it.
  3. You were really excited to have a week off of school. But you would handle the bad news with a positive and calm attitude!
  4. You would be very, very unhappy. You were really looking forward to having a week off and it was a huge let-down for your break to be cancelled.

Do you usually feel happy?

  1. I feel happy, most of the time.
  2. I always feel silly and happy!
  3. I feel usually feel happy, but I don’t usually get excited-happy. I stay on the calmer side of happy.
  4. Most of the time, I feel sad. I don’t usually feel happy, and when I do, I don’t feel happy for long.

What would you most likely be doing on a rainy weekend?

  1. Spending the day at the library and reading a new book!
  2. Inviting your friends over and dancing in the rain!
  3. Staring out the window at the rain and feeling cozy inside. You feel calm and happy when it rains.
  4. Sitting on your bed and wishing that it was sunny out. You hate the rain – it makes you feel sad.

Why do you like emojis? (Hey! But what about if I DON’T like emojis? You can skip this question.)

  1. They are a great technological advancement and it is a great way for humans to communicate without having to know a language.
  2. So that me and my friends can have silly “conversations” over iMessage and send each other a billion emojis!
  3. So that you can communicate to others about how you feel without using words.
  4. I like to look at emojis to help me cheer up.

(If you skipped the last question:) Why DON’T you like emojis?

  1. They help people not have to use words – and people should use words more often. They give people excuses to not have to write, and they make people lazy. People should know how to use words to communicate their feelings!
  2. Who needs emojis when you can doodle your own funny faces?
  3. When my friends send emojis to me I don’t understand what they mean. I just think it would be a lot simpler to use words and people would understand better.
  4. Emojis are so lame.

What is your favourite emoji out of the ones below?

  1. 📚 The stack of books.
  2. 🦄 The unicorn!
  3. 😃 The smile!
  4. 😭 The crying emoji, only because I seem to use that one the most.

What is your favourite subject in school? (Don’t select “I hate school” unless you REALLY hate school.)

  1. I like all the subjects – except art and recess.
  2. I love art and music!
  3. I love when we do silent reading!

Do you fight with your friends a lot?

  1. Yes. we argue over correct answers in tests and logic.
  2. Yep. We argue over what our next project will be. But overall, I don’t fight with my friends much.
  3. I don’t really argue with my friends.
  4. YES. I argue with my friends ALL. THE. TIME. Over everything.

How would your friends describe you?

  1. Intelligent, wise and clever.
  2. Creative, silly and joyful.
  3. Calm, happy and kind.
  4. Shy, unenthusiastic and sometimes moody.

Fantasmical! Now scroll down to reveal your answers!






















If you got…
Mostly 1’s…

🤓 The smart/nerdy emoji!

Don’t be offended! Smart kids are awesome! smart kids love solving problems and helping others with questions around school. They also do pretty well on tests and assignments. You also love school, which is something that lots of other kids dislike, so good for you! sometimes though, people might make fun of you for your smarts. when this happens, just walk away and embrace your inner nerd!


Mostly 2’s…

😋 The silly and fun emoji!

You are bright, fun, and goofy! You love to play around with friends, whether making silly videos or performing in front of your stuffed animals. People can always go to you for a creative idea or when they want some fun. You have lots of friends and spend a lot of your time with them doing silly and fun things!


Mostly 3’s…

😊 The calm and happy emoji!

You are always trying to stay happy and avoid any drama that comes near you. You are a kind person who loves to spend time with a small group of friends. The friends that you have are close friends. You never misbehave and you don’t get overexcited. You always stay happy, calm and collected.


Mostly 4’s…

😞 The sad emoji.

This might be a bit of a disappointment. You may have hoped for the silly and fun emoji, or the calm and happy emoji. But unfortunately, based on the questions that you answered, your personality matches up to the sad emoji. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that you might want to make a few lifestyle changes. You are often kind of sad, and that could  lead to mental health issues. Just try to think positive and don’t be sad!


BONUS: Can you decode this emoji message?

One ☀️ I went 🥾 with my 🐶. He 👁 a 😸 and went 🤪. The 😸 🧗🏻‍♀️ ⬆️ a 🌳 because he was 🙀 of my 🐶. Then me and my 🐶 went 🏠 and my 👵🏻 had ♨️ us 🍪. She 😃 and told us to 🍴 them. So we 🚿 our 🤲🏻 and sat ⬇️ at the table. The 👃🏻 of the 🍪 was so 👍🏻! But my sister got 🤢 from the 🍪. My 👵🏻 felt really 😐 so when my sister felt 👍🏻 she ♨️ 🙎🏼‍♀️ 🧁!

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One day I went hiking with my dog. He saw a cat and went crazy! The cat climbed up a tree because he was so scared of my dog. Then me and my dog went home and my grandma had baked us cookies! She smiled and told us to eat them. So we washed our hands and sat down at the table. The smell of the cookies was so good! But my sister got sick from the cookies. My grandma felt really sorry so when my sister felt good she baked her cupcakes.

Thanks for reading!