How To Plan The Best Vacation Ever!

Everyone loves going on vacation, whether going to a ski resort or taking an around the world trip. And although it is only early May, many of us have started getting excited about summer vacation. And, if you are an older child, your parents may have asked for your help in planning an upcoming family adventure. So today we have posted how to successfully plan your best vacation ever!

Before reading, we recommend only using this article if you are travelling to another city/town/country/province this summer. Staycations are great too, but these tips are specifically for vacations in places other than home.

#1 Places To Stay

Usually, this is a job for your parents. However, if you want to give some of your input towards your parent’s decision, here are some things to keep in mind.

Which type of place will you stay at? i.e hotel, resort, motel, inn, friends house, condo, cabin, villa.

Does the place you are staying at have enough beds to accommodate your family? What about services and included items such as breakfast?

Check the rating of this place online. How many “stars” is this place rated? If your desired resort has not great reviews, do you really want to stay there?

Is the resort/hotel close to the activities you want to do? Is it close to a supermarket to buy food?

Make sure that the place you stay in has necessities like a:
-Workout room
-Shower and bath (sometimes they don’t, so double check!)

These are only a few things to consider while choosing an appropriate place to stay.

#2 What to do?

There are sooo many things to do on every vacation, depending on where you are, the climate, and the country you are in.

The best way to find things to do beforehand is to, well, Google it. Try search phrases such as ” Best family activities in Hawaii” or “fun things to do in California”.

Lots of bloggers and websites such as TripAdvisor will have long lists with pictures and descriptions. Pick your top 5 and be sure to make sure they make sense and are enjoyable for your whole family. Also, make sure the activities aren’t too pricy. Dolphin feeding might sound awesome, but if it is too much money for your family, your parents won’t be too pleased, especially if they have never done it before.

When you have your list narrowed down, present it to your family, who will be impressed with your organization and careful thinking.

Please make sure that you don’t participate in “swimming with dolphins” if you go to a tropical place that offers this activity.

#3 Food

Finding places to eat that match your families preference can be a struggle in unfamiliar towns or cities. Most of the time, you will be eating out which can be exciting and a little scary if you’re new to the restaurant. However, vacations are a perfect time to try new food and extend your pallet.

Some places you visit are also known for a certain type of food, such as Hawaii being known for fish and snow cones and Mexico being known for tacos and enchiladas.

If you want to be prepared when it comes to your dinner choices, Google ahead of time and pick out a few restaurants that sound good for your family. Don’t be shy to suggest something new like Thai food or Muscles. You can also Google ahead for lunch places so you won’t be scrambling to find places to eat at lunchtime. As for breakfast, check and see if breakfast is included with your hotel, and if that breakfast has healthy options. If not, you can choose to go out for breakfast or eat from the groceries you bought in your hotel room.

#4 Getting There

It often takes a long time to reach your destination, and you often get bored. There are a lot of things to consider when packing stuff to keep you entertained, so we recommend reading our other article which covers everything you should bring to entertain yourself on long trips. Click HERE to read it.

#5 Packing

All trips require one item: a suitcase full of personal belongings! Whether you like to pack or not, no one likes to show up for vacation without any underwear. So when packing your suitcase, here are some things to consider:

How long are you staying?

What type of weather will you experience?

What type of activities will you be doing?

Are you going to any fancy restaurants or shows that would require more formal clothing?

Will you have spare time in the morning or evening? How will you spend that time?

Also, if there is a pool at your hotel remember to pack goggles!

Below is a pretty basic checklist for packing for a vacation. Remember that the list will always be slightly different depending on where you are going.

1. Underwear. Make sure to pack an extra pair!
2. Shampoo and hair conditioner. The little bottles in the hotel room are never enough!
3. Two pairs of pyjamas.
4. Sandals/Boots. Pack the appropriate footwear for the weather.
5. One outfit for every day.
6. A hairbrush and hair ties (hair ties are only necessary if you have long hair)
7. A toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash.
8. Socks.
9. A swimming suit and goggles. Even if you are not specifically planning on swimming, you should still bring these because, well… YOU NEVER KNOW!
10. Anything else that you might need, like a stuffed animal, book, or night light.

Final important packing tip:

If you are visiting someplace hot, make sure to pack the appropriate items such as a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and aloe vera – in case you get burnt!

We hope you enjoyed reading our article and that it gave you lots of great tips for your upcoming travels!

Also, be sure to tell us which tip YOU found most helpful using our contact page!.