KidMag’s Fresh, New Look

Happy Friday!

As you may have noticed KidMag has been updated. Lots of changes were made, but the one you probably noticed is that our galaxy image has been replaced with spring flowers. As of now, KidMag has decided to change the featured image every season. This is why for spring, there are flowers as our featured image.

Another change you might notice is that we deleted our contests column. We did this because most of the time, our contests were cancelled for one reason or another, so contests will not be taking place on KidMag anymore.

We also changed the featured image on our contact page, so that is now a picture of an old fashioned phone. We also changed the instructions for the contact page, but that isn’t really significant.

We also changed the featured image for our “About KidMag” page. It is now glittery and colourful!

In the end,  nothing we did will change the quality of our articles. you can still expect a few engaging articles a week!