What Would It Be Like To Live In Scotland?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country? How about another continent? We have a very special guest writer here to tell us about her life in Scotland!

Hello! My name is Eve. I’m twelve years old and I live in Scotland with my sister, Anna, and my parents as well as my two (adorable) cats, Hamish and Truffles. I lived in Canada last year and I am proud to be friendly with the writers of KidMag, awesomeella and epicava. Today, I’m going to go through my average Friday at school.

First of all, I get ready for school (although getting ready is awfully dull, so I’ll skip that part) and then my mum drives me to the train station. Anna and I usually wait a while due to the extremely common delays of our train. In fact, even though I take the train daily, I have only once not had the train come late!

Once I arrive at the station I shut down my phone and journey towards my school. The walk takes around fifteen minutes until I’m eventually at school. By this point, I am completely freezing as my school uniform regulations mean that we can’t even wear a jacket, hat or thick gloves!

At school, I go to my normal class for registration in my year/grade’s turret. I go through lessons. On Fridays, we have maths first period where we go into our sets. Sets are basically groups of up to 20 children where we are put according to our ability, with 1 being the best and 6 being the worst. They judge this by assessments which we do 3 times a year.

After maths, I head to PE, where I either do dance, gymnastics or fitness. Currently, I am doing basketball in fitness and I’m hopeless at it (along with most sports). Eventually, it is break, where we chat and eat our snack or do prefect duties, which is basically a group of around 15 Primary 7 (Grade 6) children per house help looking after the younger children, clean the lunch hall, set up assemblies and more. I look after Primary ⅔ children or Grade ½ pupils. By the way, houses are just like the ones in Harry Potter, except they are randomized. There are 4 houses; Raeburn, Greyfriars, Lauriston and Castle (my house).

After this, I have Learning Enhancement where we do 40 minutes of meditation, philosophy or team-building. It is a bit of a skive but the teacher is lovely! Then it is time for lunch in the refectory or lunch hall. Fridays are my favourites as we get fish’n’chips or chicken burgers (or salads for vegetarians) and they are delicious! I usually sit with my best friends; Zahra, Eloise, Sienna, Clara, Sophie, Ella, Joshua and George or occasionally Cameron, Katy, Anna, Sophie or Eleanor- I’m extremely lucky to have so many great friends, although I miss mine from Canada and Switzerland (where I lived for 6 years)

After lunch, we go to French in the Modern Languages turret and look at grammar which I love! Once French is over, we have a short 5-minute break to get to our classes where our teacher randomly reads out acts of kindness pupils have done to each other. Now it is home time, although I go to the Debating Society with George, Anna and her friend Aseeda.

In Debate, we ponder upon issues from taxes to video games. Everyone is generally given a week to prepare, although sometimes it’s 15 minutes or no time at all! At the end of Debating, Anna and I head home to our cats. We are usually both exhausted and cannot wait for that much-needed rest on Saturday morning.

I hope this short article has been insightful to how different and similar living across the world is! Admittedly, I am rather jealous of those who do not have to wear a kilt, shirt, tie, blazer, jumper and more to school every day although it is easier than picking your outfits!

Thanks so much for your great article Eve! 

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