JOY, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: The End

This is the end of our Ongoing story. The final chapter.

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Chapter 16: The End

It was happening again.

My Dad and I had been in the ambulance for three days or so now. They have a good food supply here, and a faucet with running water. So we have been fine.

Until this moment.

My Dad was holding my hand. We were both crying.

We could see Adam in the distance, clutching Joy by the hand, tears running down her face, her whole body shaking.

She was fifty feet away. She was being dragged by Adam, them both standing in the blackness of the unknown outside of the ambulance.

I didn’t know what to do. I knew Adam would come back, but I guess I never really thought that this exact moment would happen. I didn’t think that Adam would steal Joy. But I guess it’s obvious. Of course, he was going to steal Joy. That was probably the whole reason that he changed the programming of the Black Out Station. This was his plan all along. To steal Joy.

Would Joy die? Would I die? Would Adam succeed in his evil mission? Does good really win over evil?

I had thought I was dead before. That was such a long time ago, I barely remember it. I was falling, falling for so long. And I thought I was dead. But I wasn’t. I was put through a blackout machine.

I wasn’t dead. I was a spirit.

Adam was coming closer. The motion of every step increased the tension in the room, lessened our time to figure out a plan. He would be right outside of the ambulance soon.

He was five feet away now, and I had an idea. There was no time to tell my Dad.

I jumped out of the ambulance just as Adam appeared outside of our door. I cried and smiled. I said, “Adam, you are here! I have missed you so much!”

Joy shot me a look through her red, teary eyes. I ignored it.

I had a plan. As I had guessed, Adam put on his fake smile and said he missed me too. I invited him into the ambulance.

What else could he say? He had to say yes. If he said no, that would uncover the truth that he thought I didn’t know.

So he went inside. As I walked past my Dad, I signalled for him to leave the ambulance. I didn’t know what was going to happen. If something bad happened, I didn’t want my Dad here.

He wouldn’t leave. So I did what I had to do. I pushed him out of the ambulance and locked the door.

Then I turned around and exaggeratedly dusted my hands off. “Now that that’s taken care of, I have to show you something.”

I took Adam to the closet. I shoved him in. “Click!” I locked the door behind him.

And I knew how to get back home.

I found a pen on the dashboard at the front of the ambulance and wrote on the knob “If you turn this knob, it will take you back home, where you belong.”

I was hesitant to turn the knob and be disappointed about what would happen. I didn’t think it would work.

I turned the knob slowly. The ambulance settled. Everything was still. And then I blinked.

When I opened my eyes, I was standing in a bedroom. Joy was on the bed. I looked up at her. I told her what happened and she just smiled. “This is your room too. You share a room with me.”

I knew that she was the one who brought me home. I knew it wasn’t the knob that had worked. She had done something, but I knew she wouldn’t admit it.

So I went to sleep in the bed beside Joy.

And I smiled. I was home.