QUIZ: If You Were A Superhero, Which Super Power Would You Have?

Many kids wish they had super powers, but they all know that superheroes aren’t real and it would be impossible for them to have magical powers. But if you could be a superhero, then which power would you have? Take the easy quiz below to find out!

Your friend invites you to go to their rock climbing party. He says that if you don’t want to go, you don’t have to. You have a bit of school work to catch up on. What do you do?

  1. A party? You would rather stay home. You don’t like to be around a lot of people.
  2. Rocking climbing sounds like a challenge. You would love to go!
  3. A party sounds fun! You would love to see all of your friends!
  4. School always comes first. I would stay home and catch up on the schoolwork.

Which activity sounds more fun?

  1. Building a giant LEGO™️ set by yourself in your room.
  2. Doing a huge obstacle course that includes climbing, jumping, swinging and swimming.
  3. Having a giant party with your whole neighborhood!
  4. Reading a good book in bed.

Out of the school subjects below, which is your favourite?

  1. Language arts. It gives you a way to express yourself without having to speak out.
  2. Gym class or P.E. You love staying active!
  3. Art! You are very creative!
  4. Math, social studies, science, and language arts! You love learning and getting smarter!

What is your dream job out of the options below?

  1. You would love to have any job where you can work from home. You don’t love to be around too many people.
  2. You would love to become a professional athlete, like a football player, soccer player, hockey player or basketball player.
  3. You would love to be an artist! You love working with paint and getting messy!
  4. Either a successful author like J.K Rowling, or a scientist working to find the cure to disease. Maybe both!

Out of the outfits below, which would you rather wear?

  1. A simple outfit consisting of a t-shirt and pants.
  2. A breathable top with athletic shorts.
  3. A fun outfit with bright colours!
  4. A plaid shirt with jeans.

In which way below do you think you should improve yourself?

  1. To become more social and friendly.
  2. To get better grades at school.
  3. To be less hyperactive and to pay more attention in school.
  4. To be more active and athletic.

How would your friends describe you out of the phrases below?

  1. Shy, quiet, and like to keep to yourself. They know that they are lucky to be your friend because you are more introverted. (An introvert is someone who keeps to themselves and doesn’t like to be around people.)
  2. Athletic, goal-oriented and sporty.
  3. Fun, crazy (in a good way), outgoing, happy and silly.
  4. Smart, determined and intelligent.

What would you say is one of your best qualities?

  1. Being able to listen to others without interrupting them.
  2. Your athleticism.
  3. Being able to go with the flow, and to make new friends easily.
  4. Your intelligence and great logic.

Your perfect weekend would be:

  1. Sleeping in late and staying at home.
  2. Going swimming and taking a bike ride with all of your friends.
  3. Spending the day with all of your friends and then having a giant party with all of the neighborhood at night! Then doing it all over again in the morning!
  4. A day spent at the library reading books and picking out new ones to take home.

Fantastic! Now count up your answers and scroll down for your results.

























If you got…

Mostly 1’s:

If you were a superhero, your super power would be:
You are shy and quiet, and you need alone time every once and awhile. You only have a few friends, but the friends you do have are very close to you and are good friends. You find that people think that something is wrong when you are so silent, but you are really just deep in thought.
You are quite introverted, and you don’t like to be loud or talk too much, making you a great candidate to blend into your atmosphere and become invisible.

Mostly 2’s:
If you were a superhero, your super power would be:
Super Strength!
You are very athletic and sporty. You love to play all different kinds of sports, and you find that sometimes you are very hyperactive in school when you don’t get your usual amount of exercise.
You are healthy and strong, making you perfect for having super strength.

Mostly 3’s:
If you were a superhero, your super power would be:
You are fun and silly. You have a lot of friends and you love to go to parties. You like chatting and meeting new people, and you are more of an extrovert than an introvert. You are very social and are good with people, so if flying wasn’t your superpower, it would probably be telepathy.
You get excited really easily, and you find that sometimes you have trouble controlling yourself.
Flying would be your superpower because you are fun, silly and outgoing.

Mostly 4’s:
If you were a superhero, your superpower would be:
Psychokinesis! (The ability to move things with your mind)
You are very smart and love to learn new things. Your focus is school, and for you, school always comes first. You know that if you work hard now, you will be more successful later on in your life.
You know a lot and your grades in school and generally very good.
Your superpower would be psychokinesis because you are very smart and have a powerful mind.

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