Poll: Where would you go for Spring Break?

Although for some kids spring break may have happened already, lots of kids are currently counting down the days until school ends. Although some kids could be staying home for spring break, you can still plan out your fantasy vacation! So, this week’s poll is: Where would you go for spring break, if you had complete control over where your family goes for vacation?

Recently KidMag has been updated and two new features were added: When you click on “MENU”, which is on the top left corner of the page, a search bar will appear on the bottom. This will allow KidMag viewers to search for any specific article they like, without having to scroll through the many KidMag articles. The second update has to do with the polls. Instead of voting and then waiting a week for results, you will now be able to vote and instantly be able to see theĀ currentĀ results. And if you check back tomorrow, the results could be different! This will also allow us to keep polls up forever, rather than deleting them after a week as we used to do.

So, here is our new and improved poll! do you like the update, or do you wish we kept it the same? Let us know using our contact page!