Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Most kids already know which Harry Potter character they are. This is mainly because there are thousands of quizzes titled “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” on the internet. Some of these quizzes aren’t great, and others are well written. KidMag thought it was time they published their own Harry Potter quiz.

Make sure to keep track of your answers!

P.S: We recommend that you have some knowledge of the world of Harry Potter before taking this quiz!

  1. Your favourite book is about…

A. Books? Why would I even try reading one of those useless things?

B. Famous sports players

C. Nargles

D. Famous Authors

E. Plants, wildlife, and nature

F. A brief history of all the subjects taught at different schools

2. It’s been raining all day and you can’t go outside. You are really bored. What will you do?

A. Think about how you’re going to give your enemy some payback.

B. Stay in bed and have a movie marathon on Netflix with chips and pop.

C. Dance in the rain of course!

D. Try to figure out your enemies next move.

E. Hope your plants that are located outside don’t drown.

F. Get ahead on next weeks homework, obviously.

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2. Your favourite class at Hogwarts is…

A. Potions

B. Quidditch

C. Care Of Magical Creatures

D. Defence Against The Dark Arts

E. Herbology

F. Charms, Ancient Ruins, Arithmancy, History Of Magic… All of them!


5. If you lived in the Wizard World, you would be…

A.  A Death Eater

B. A professional quidditch player

C. The full-time writer of the “Quibbler”

D. An Auror

E. Herbology teacher or botanist

F. A job at the Ministry Of Magic


6. Your (possibly fictitious) favourite animal is…

A. Snake

B. Rat

C. Thesteral

D. Owl

E. Toad

F. Cat


Awesome job!

Count up your answers and scroll down for the results!















If you got mostly A’s…

You’re Draco Malfoy!

Yes, Draco is a villain but he does have some great qualities. Like Draco, you are brave, determined, and persistent. Many people listen to you and respect you, although make sure not to take that for granted. Sure, you might have a bad temper or not be great at school, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

If you got mostly B’s…

You’re Ron Weasley!

Ron is a fun-loving wizard with many great qualities. Like Ron, you are active, kind, and full of fun. You also like to chillax every once in a while, but who doesn’t?  Although you might not be a redhead, your inner Harry Potter character is definitely Ron.

If you either got a bunch of random ones, or you got mostly C’s…

You’re Luna Lovegood!

Luna is a kind, passionate friend who likes to stick out and be different. Like Luna, you aren’t afraid to show your true self or let others get you down. You don’t have loads of friends, but the ones you do have are special, and you would do anything for them.

If you got mostly D’s…

You’re Harry Potter!

Harry may be the star of the whole series, but there’s more to him than just a lightning bolt shaped scar. Harry is a brave, courageous, and loyal friend. Like Harry, you always defend your friends and make sure to give everyone a chance.

If you got mostly E’s

You’re Neville Longbottom!

You might be thinking “Ewwww. Neville! Gross.”

But Neville is actually pretty awesome. If you remember – SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN ALL THE MOVIES OR READ ALL THE BOOKS – from the seventh book/movie, Neville was the one who slayed the snake. This proves Neville really is brave, along with being kind, friendly, and fun to be around.


If you got mostly F’s…

You’re Hermione Granger!

Many people think of Hermione as smart and geeky, which she is, but she is actually a great person too. Hermione stands up for her rights and always protects a friend if they are in danger. Hermione loves to learn and is fascinated by anything.




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