Everything That You Need To Bring On A Roadtrip

Good things come to those who wait. Therefore, the best places come with a long drive, flight or ferry ride. Long waits come with boredom. Follow these steps to create your own “Travel Box”, a box filled with items to keep you entertained.

PART ONE: Printing

  1. Click here, and print off some Road Trip Bingo. As you pass by houses, horses, trees, and signs, cross off a box with a marker. You can play it against someone riding in the car with you and see you can get four in a row first, or you can play it by yourself.
    (There are several bingo cards you can print by clicking the link on the right.)
  2. Click here, and print off the game of Dots and Boxes. Play against another person in the car. Each take turns connecting dots with lines, and when one player FINISHES a box, they win. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to play.
  3. Click here, and print off a sheet full of Tic Tac Toe grids.
  4. Click here, and print out a few colouring pages to enjoy.
  5. Click here, and print out these math problems that aren’t like normal math problems. They are way more fun than the ones you get at school and will make you smarter without you knowing!

So now that you are done printing everything that needs to be printed, you can put everything that you have printed into a folder or you can staple them together.

PART TWO: Snacks

Add these mess-free, healthy snacks (with a parent’s permission) to your box:

  1. Goldfish
  2. Pretzels
  3. Dried Mangos/Apple Chips (or other dried fruit)
  4. Granola Bars
  5. Yogurt tubes
  6. Babybel Cheese
  7. Crackers
  8. Nuts/Seeds
  9. Fruit Squeeze (some brands you might know of are GoGo Squeez or Squoosh) or applesauce
  10. Bagged popcorn

PART THREE: Entertainment

Add all the stuff you printed, then add all of this:

  1. Two or three books, depending on how fast of a reader you are.
  2. A paper and a few pens (pens tend to break or run out of ink) for spontaneous doodling sessions.
  3. Squishies, fidget toys, and putty (ask your parents about the putty first because some parents would not like to have putty stuck to their car.)
  4. Any homework you would like to finish (UGH! But the car may be the best time to get it done.)
  5. Create a playlist on a device and bring some headphones to listen to music.
  6. Journal/notebook (take notes on your surroundings, plan out your dream house, plan out your future, plan a party (it doesn’t actually have to happen.), play M.A.S.H. (you can actually play by yourself if you don’t have siblings or your caretaker wants to focus on the road.), write a letter to your idol (It does not have to be sent), or write a story.)
  7. Rubix cube! See if you can solve it during the drive.
  8. For younger children: Dolls, toy cars, figurines, small toys etc. (If you are in the mood to be a nice older sibling you could pack these for your younger brothers or sisters.)
  9. Magazines. You can buy some, or just re-read the ones you have.
  10. Bring some paper and try to fold it into different shapes without using tutorials. Example: ninja star.
  11. Bring stickers and paper (or you can use the journal) and try to tell a story only using the stickers. (Tip: you can also do this on a device using emojis instead of stickers if you don’t have stickers, but to be completely honest, it’s more fun to use stickers.)
  12. Bring grab-and-go board games like mini versions of snakes and ladders, Clue, and Sorry. (These can be purchased at many Dollar Stores.)
  13. Pack an old diary or get a parent to print out old photos beforehand (ask them not to let you see them before the drive), and look at them on the drive.
  14. Bring poster paper and markers (no glue or glitter or anything else, it would make a mess in the car), and make a poster for your room to hang up when you get home.
  15. Pack a camera and take pictures of your surroundings.


Although you won’t be able to physically pack these in a box, here are a few games you could play in the car:


  1. This-or-That
  2. The One Word Story Game (the youngest goes first. The first person says a word then the next person links a word to the one the first player said. The idea is to create a story by going around in a certain order with each person saying only one word on his/her turn. When you get to the end of your story start again. If your story gets too crazy and can’t be understood we recommend restarting so everyone’s on the same page.)
  3. Hand games like Chopsticks or rock, paper, scissors.
  4. Clapping games like Coca Cola or My Mother Is A Baker.
  5. Virtual Hide-and-Seek. One person thinks of a place in the house to hide and does not tell anyone. (You can be any size so you can hide in a desk drawer etc.) The other person guesses which place he/she is hiding in.
  6. Mystery writing. One person writes a letter on your back with their finger, and by feeling, you have to guess what letter they are writing.
  7. License plate letters. On the license plate of the car beside you or in front of you, come up with a phrase that matches up with the letters on their car. For example, a license plate with the letters “BRT” on it, you could say “Bears Run Terrifically.”
  8. Tell jokes/riddles.
  9. Each person in the car selects a colour. Set a timer (or just use a clock) for fifteen minutes. Then, each person must count the cars that are that colour. Whoever has the most cars of their colour by the end of fifteen minutes wins. For example: Your sister chose the colour red, and you chose blue. You counted 15 blue cars, and your sister counted 21 red cars. Your sister would win.
  10. I Spy!


And if you are still bored (HOW?!) you can play on a device like an iPad, phone or computer.


What are your favourite travel tips? Let us know using our contact page!