JOY, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: Part Fourteen

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Chapter 15: Adam Came Back

“What? No.” My dad said.

“Yes, Dad. Look.” He looked up. A look of pure horror was spelled out on his face.

“It’s Adam. Get into the closet, now.”

I was terrified. When you see a parent panicking like that, it’s so scary. When they act dead serious like my Dad was doing right now, it really scares me. When a parent acts like that, that’s how you know you are in real trouble. But what could my Dad do about Adam? How would he save me?

I didn’t know how this would play out. I didn’t know if Adam would find me. Not knowing what would happen to me was the scary part of this.

If I do survive, then I’ll look back to this and say, “There was no reason to be scared, my Dad saved me.” But how do I know what will happen after this? How do I know anything will happen after this? What if I don’t survive?

I hear a banging on the door, and I squeeze my hands together, running to the closet as fast as I can. I had no control over my legs at this moment, they just ran without my consent. I clench my fists and squeeze my eyes together tightly. I just want this to end, I just want this to be over!

My Dad doesn’t unlock the door. I can hear that he isn’t moving at all. I figure he must have crawled under the stretcher. Adam shakes the door. I can hear his voice shouting “Let me in!”

There is nothing I can do. I am stuck here, just hoping that I come out of this alive. There is no way for me to tell what will happen. I am stuck here guessing what will happen to me and my Dad.

I must have spent hours there, terrified and cramped in the little closet, listening to Adam shaking the door, never relaxing, because I knew that any moment the door could come down and Adam would come inside of the ambulance.

But I don’t need to guess anymore. Adam stops shaking the door. Everything is silent for a few minutes.

Finally, I hear a click. My Dad unlocks the closet door, he lets me out of the closet.
“The coast is clear.” He says. I come out reluctantly, secretly expecting to see Adam’s triumphant face behind the door. But I don’t. It’s just me and my Dad, alone in the ambulance.

“Adam tried banging on the door.” He said to me. “I thought he would never give up, but he finally thought that no one was in here.”

“I’m really scared,” I said.

“I know you are. We’ll make it through this. We have to find Joy.”

I was so scared about Adam, that had forgotten all about finding Joy.

This was so weird. All of it.

I had gone from being best friends with Adam to avoiding him at all costs.

I never even suspected a thing. He seemed so nice.

I had gone from spending every day with him and loving every moment of it to being absolutely terrified of him. But what would have happened if my Dad had never told me what Adam had done wrong?

I would have happily opened the door, happy to see Adam and reunite with him.

But he would have killed me.

Yes. I just realized that. If my Dad had never told me the truth about Adam I would be…

I would be dead right now.


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