10 of KidMag’s Favourite Unicorn Quotes

We all know unicorns are real. 🙂 But, they do a pretty good job of not being spotted, and no one has ever really seen one. Most people aren’t lucky enough to meet a unicorn ( 🙂 ), so here are some unicorn quotes to boost your spirits.


  1. In a field of horses, be a unicorn.
  2. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.
  3. Unicorns are awesome. I am awesome. Therefore I am a unicorn.
  4. Rhinos are just unicorns in disguise.
  5. Being a unicorn isn’t about being real. It’s about being real awesome.
  6. Everything’s better with a unicorn.
  7. You weren’t born to be perfect. You were born to be a unicorn, but that’s pretty much the same thing.
  8. My favourite animal used to be a horse. I’ve matured, and now my favourite animal is a unicorn.
  9. I’m tired of being serious. Time to be a unicorn!
  10. Keep calm because unicorns are real.


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