KidMag Presents… This or That: Technology Edition!

Today, our post is another This Or That article. This weeks theme is FOOD!

If you’d like you can play with a friend and compare results with each other to see what things you agree on, and what things you don’t.

OK! Let’s start.


Receive a brand new iPad


A brand new laptop?

Be able to control all the lights in your house


All the lights in your friend’s house?

Use technology to create a robot that can do your chores


Use technology to create a drone that can take photos of amazing places?

Take award-winning photos


Create an award-winning app?

Make an electric car


An electric dirt bike?

Create a device that lets you hear under doors and through walls


Create a device that lets you see through doors and walls?

Receive a doorbell that sings who is at the door every time it is pressed


Receive a pillow that tells you how long you slept for last night?


Use a pencil that shocks you every time you write a word wrong


An eraser that “boos” you every time you have to use it?

We hoped you enjoyed this article! If you have an idea for a theme, please let us know using our contact page.