JOY, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: Part Twelve

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Chapter 13: The Story

I woke up. I shook my head around. My neck was unbelievably stiff from sleeping in the cramped closet where my father had locked me up.

I heard a sound and I strained my ears. Footsteps. Then, I heard a voice. “Eve, I’m here to tell you a story.” I was ready to hear it, even if I had to listen while sitting in a closet. Before he started the story, I had something to tell him. “I’ll be on your side.”


“I promise.”

“Thank you.” my father said.

“Will you let me out now?”

“Not until I tell you the story.” I thought that was a pretty strange answer, but I let it go. I was very eager to hear this story.

“It was a beautiful day. Your mother was giving birth to you and your sister.”

“Wait.” I interrupted. “My sister?”

“Yes. Your sister. We named her Lola. She was a beautiful girl. Lola, Eve and Jessica Golden. Isn’t that a lovely last name, Golden?” I knew that by Lola, he meant Joy because she had changed her name. When everything was normal, Jessica was my mother’s name. Coincidence, I thought.

“Sure,” I said, confused. “So, me Jessica and Lola are…” I counted on my fingers. “Triplets?”

“What? No!” He replied. “Jessica is your mother. Lola is your twin.” I was shocked at the confirmation. Adam had never pointed out that me and Joy looked the same.

“Yes. You were twins. You weren’t identical, but you were born on the same day. Same time.” I closed my eyes.

“One day, you, your sister and your mother were in you and Lola’s room. I peeked my head in the doorway and saw a small portal appear in the wall. Lola ducked under the table, but you and your mother were sucked out through the portal. We didn’t know of any place past the World Of Souls. You were sucked out into a world of nothing.” I had two questions.

“Dad,” I said, “What is the world of souls?”

“I created it.” He said. “It was the first place containing living creatures. You will understand more in a moment.”

“How come I don’t remember this?” I asked. He sighed.

“We still don’t know.”

“Oh,” I said. He continued with the story.

“Me and Lola wept for weeks. We didn’t know how to get you back. We didn‘t know where you were. We felt terrible. Finally, Lola had an idea. She came up to me and she said just this: ‘Dad, I have an idea.’ I looked up from the floor.

‘What is it?’

‘We create another world. They’ll fall on it at some point. Then we can get them back.’ I was disappointed with her idea. I responded: ‘Honey, that just won’t work. Mom and Eve are GONE.’ Lola stormed upstairs. Later that day, I went upstairs to bring her dinner. She was gone. I spent the next few weeks miserable.” I squeezed my eyes tighter.

“I didn’t know what to do, so I called the police and searched the whole city. No one could find her. The police confirmed she was dead. I was determined she wasn’t. Later that month, I received a letter. Now, I carry it everywhere I go.” I heard some rustling. “‘Ere it is.”  I heard him mumble. “I’ll read it to you:

‘Dear father. It’s Lola. I have changed my name to Joy, and yes, I’ve created a new universe. I found mom and Eve. They don’t remember anything, but now they are just a happy family with a single mom living on 555 Lerrinesser Avenue SW, Chicago. Signed, Joy.’ I was so happy. I cried happy tears, and I wrote back to her right away, ignoring her new name. This is what I wrote in my letter: ‘Dear Lola, Thank you, thank you, for not giving up. Please take me to your mother. Please, take me to your sister. Please forgive me for not believing in you. I’m sorry. Please. Love, Dad.” I clasped my hands together. I squeezed my eyes tighter. My father paused. He sighed. Then, he continued, “The next week, I received a letter containing just three words: ‘NO. Signed, Joy’ I was so disappointed, I wanted to do everything I could just to get back to you. I became so greedy. I wanted you and your mother SO badly. I wept each night. I did not let anyone see my face or body. I covered it in a black tablecloth. People thought what I wanted was money, so they gave me a new name. It meant “wealthy” in Latin. All I wanted was you back.”
I had a question. I was so interested in the story though, I didn’t interrupt.

“I sent two teenagers over to the world Joy created, which is the world of men. They took you to a block out station, and threw you against the floor, which was supposed to send you back to my world, the world of souls. First, it turns you back into a soul, and then, it drops you back into the world of souls, but when it was just halfway through the process, your friend Adam fooled with it, and it dropped you into prehistoric times, in the world of men, as a soul, and you know what happened from there. Then, I got mad, and I wished on a shooting star that something would kill Adam. I was so mad. I know, I was stupid to do that, but I wanted you back. Now I have you back, but not your mother, or your sister. Will you help me get them back?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I will.”
“THANK YOU!” He practically screamed. “Eve, thank you SO MUCH! Thank you. Thank you.”

“First, I have a question. What is the nickname that means wealthy?”


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