New Years Resolutions

Everyone knows an important part of New Years is making a goal to fulfill throughout the year. Lots of kids have goals like “I want to be better at school” or, “I want to eat less sugar”. Most of the time, their goals aren’t very good, and they don’t really try to accomplish them. KidMag is giving you some goal ideas that you will approve of.

  1. Plan to spend less time on your device.

This is a hard goal. HARD!!! But, with work and effort, it can happen. To accomplish this, try slowly having less and less screen time each week. Maybe if you are usually on your device two hours a day, try taking off a half hour each week. To keep your mind from missing your device, try joining a new sport or make a new friend. Click here to take a quiz to find out how much time you actually spend on screens.

(TIP: If you have an Apple device, download iOS 12. You can monitor your screen time this way, and you will also see charts that record your improvement.)

  1. Spend time with a kid that you want to get to know better.

Every kid can probably think of a kid they could be nicer to, or want to spend more time with. Start by finding something both of you are good at. Maybe you’re both on the soccer team, or you’re really good at Fortnite. Find a time where you can hang out and do those things, or talk about the thing you’re both great at. You might not become BFF’s, but you’ll at least be more close to them, and have another friend to invite to your birthday party!

  1. Get along with your siblings better.

This is another hard goal. It can be hard to be kind to a sibling, especially when they get an award or compliment that you didn’t. You might feel jealous of them and act out. And you don’t have to get along all the time. But if you and your siblings squawk at each other whenever you get the chance, establishing this goal is probably a good idea.

  1. Improve in an extracurricular activity.

Lots of kids participate in sports or activities, such as art or dance class, and creating a goal for one of these activities is natural. Lots of kids in sports say “I want to score 20 goals this season”.  Or if you do an activity like art, you might say “I want all of my paintings to be perfect this year”. These are good goals, but they’re also pretty tough. The key to achieving a goal like this is to work hard. Yes, everyone knows that, but what does it really mean? Working hard isn’t just practicing every time you go to practice or doing the drill perfectly. Working hard also means paying attention to your coach and what they are telling you. You won’t go anywhere if you don’t listen to what you should improve on. Also, for the goals we said before, you should come up with some more specific goals. For example, we will use the goal: “I want all of my paintings to be perfect this year”. If you think that some of your paintings weren’t as good because you pressed too hard on the paintbrush, you could say, “I want to be more gentle with my paintbrush.”

  1.  School goals.

Every kid struggles in one subject or another. It might be math, science, language or social studies. And every kid hates it when they can’t do something as well as their friends. So make a goal to improve that subject. Maybe you struggle with math. Some examples to improve your math skills are; spend 15-30 minutes a day practicing math problems. The key to improving is practice, so simply practice the subject for a few minutes a day.

What New Year’s Resolution did you choose this year? Let us know using our contact page.