Follow Up On Taylor W’s Junior High Life

It has been a long time since we talked to Taylor W. about her Junior High experiences. But we also understand the urging pull from every child who is about to enter junior high in a few years, so we decided we should do more articles with Taylor.

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And now, in her own words:

Taylor W.

Since my first time stepping into my new, huge school, it has been a crazy experience. Extremely mind-blowing. But now, things are going pretty smooth and school work is getting easier and more interesting. It’s a good thing is that we don’t have a cafeteria,  but we do have lunch tables…. But those are for the grade 5-6’s. Normally at lunch, I like to go and eat with my friends, walking and talking around the field.  My school also allows the junior high (grades 7, 8, and 9) to leave school grounds during lunch time. This means we can go to eateries such as Tim Hortons, Starbucks, KFC, Subway and BoardWalk.


Here is Taylor’s Schedule:

8:35- The bell rings. We go to our homeroom for 5 minutes and get ready for math, our next class.

8:40-9:30- Math

9:30-10:15- Science

10:15-10:25- Break. (Have a snack and talk with friends, it’s not outside)

10:25-11:15- Humanities (social studies and language arts)

11:15-11:55- Gym

11:55-12:40- Lunch (eat lunch until 12:15, then go outside)

12:40-1:35- Humanities (again)

1:35-2:20- Options (I’m in drama)

2:20-3:10- Art

3:10- Home

(This is only one of Taylors schedules, as they alternate every two days)

Taylor says it’s a busy day, especially with her after school activities too.


Thanks, Taylor!

We hoped you enjoyed this article. If you have any school experiences you would like to share, make sure to tell us on your contact page and it might be published!