JOY, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: Part Eleven

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Chapter 12: Now I Know

But before I could open the door all the way, I heard a voice.

“I killed Adam.”

Opulentos walked through the door of the ambulance. The moment after that I turned around and discovered the locked door. At that moment, you could hear two sounds: the lock clicking as Opulentos locked me in the closet, and the sound of me screaming as I heard that sound. ‘WHO ARE YOU?” I yelled. “THERE IS SOMEONE IN HERE! YOU HAVE TO LET ME OUT! WHO ARE YOU?” All I heard was silence. At this time in my life, I didn’t Know it was Opulentos who shut the door, and the very sentence he uttered at that moment confused me even more. “I won’t tell you who shut the door. I won’t tell you exactly.” and then, “Eve, I’m your father.”

Silence. “You left me when I was was two! You can’t be my father. You can’t be.”

“I killed Adam.”

“Why?” I cried. “HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND! I HATE you! I hate you.”

“Because he was trying to keep you in the world of men, and you didn’t belong there.”

“What? WHY?”
I heard footsteps, and I heard no response.

I tried one more time.

“Tell me!” He was gone. I sat in the closet and wept.

Suddenly, I heard a voice. “My own daughter is my enemy. If I tell you your whole story, will you be on my side?” I wasn’t entirely sure.   

“Let me think about it. Give me some time.”

Footsteps. He was gone again.

I sat down and thought. I just thought. There was nothing else to do. I thought about whether I believed the man who just locked me in a closet. Most of all, I thought about whether I should be on his side. He was my father. Of course, I should be on his side. He could be lying. I couldn’t be on a liar’s side. He said he’d tell me a story. Maybe if I knew more about him and myself I would know. He killed Adam. Definitely a no. Maybe he had a good reason. If he did it for my own good I just may be on his side. What if he was lying that he killed him? Then he wouldn’t have killed my best friend, but he would be lying that he did. I didn’t know which was worse, or which was better, or if they were both the same, or how I could tell if he was lying or not. Then my mind bounced back to what the man had. “My own daughter is my enemy. If I tell you your whole story, will you be on my side?” His daughter. If he really was my father, then did that mean I had a sister? Was he just referring to me? I had always been an only child, but honestly, I never wanted any siblings. Now that Adam was gone, I kind of wanted one. At the very least I wanted a friend. If Adam deserved to be killed, maybe I never had any friends. I wanted to think that he was lying, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was starting to trust this man. I was starting to come to a conclusion. I thought about what the man said about Adam. Maybe he wasn’t my best friend. Maybe he wasn’t even my friend. I came to a conclusion. I was going to be on the man’s side.

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