How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always fun. There are cookies, and activities and friends to play with. And in the evening, you can leave out your cookies for Santa and hang your stocking.

There is only one problem: YOU CAN’T FALL ASLEEP!!!


So, KidMag has thought up some nifty tricks to help you have a peaceful night on Christmas Eve!


  1. We know you know this already, but don’t drink any liquids such as tea, water, coffee or soda half an hour before bed. Also, make sure not to have any food or drink that contains caffeine close to bedtime.
  2. Try to get as much exercise as possible during the day. This will make you exhausted so your body will have to go to sleep. Some ideas to make you tired are: running up and down the stairs, go skating, ride your family’s spin bike or treadmill (if you have one), or do some squats or push-ups.
  3. When you get ready for bed, treat it like any other night. Yes, you’re probably going to bed later than you usually would, but it will make a difference. After your parents have tucked you in, instead of thinking about the day the lies ahead, tell yourself it’s like any other day, and nothing special is going to happen. Eventually, your brain will drift off.
  4. Set up relaxing sleep music. It will hopefully lull you to sleep and calm your brain.
  5. You still can’t go to sleep and it’s the middle of the night? Read a book, color, go downstairs and get some milk or a turkey sandwich, or count sheep. Keep telling yourself this sentence: It’s going to be OK. Everyone gets to sleep eventually.



We hope you enjoyed our article, and that your Christmas Eve sleep was peaceful as ever!

Happy Holidays!