KidMags Festive Holiday Trivia

Are you ever bored during your family’s festive get-together party? Try playing holiday trivia with KidMags holiday trivia game! 


Question #1:

What was the first thing that Frosty The Snowman said when he came to life?

ANSWER: “Happy Birthday”!


Question #2:

How many reindeer does Santa have?

ANSWER: 9, including Rudolph.


Question #3:

What does Valentine’s Day and Christmas have in common?

ANSWER: They both involve the name “Cupid”. (Cupid is the name of one of the reindeer).


Question #4:

Why do you leave out cookies, milk, and carrots on Christmas Eve night?

ANSWER: For Santa and the reindeer to eat, of course!


Question #5:

All snowflakes look the same. True or false?

ANSWER: False. Like the human fingerprint, all snowflakes are different.


Question #6:

In the original version of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, what three words best describe the Grinch?

ANSWER: Stink, stank, stunk!


Question #7:

In the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” what is given on the fourth day?

ANSWER: Four calling birds.


Question #8:

What song is listed as number 17 on KidMags Ultimate Christmas Playlist?

ANSWER: Jingle Bells by Kids Music


Question #9

What is Mrs.Claus known for?

ANSWER: baking cookies


Question #10

What do you put at the top of a Christmas tree?

ANSWER: a star



We hoped you enjoyed playing KidMag’s Christmas trivia! Make sure to tell us what your Christmas trivia question is.

Happy Holidays!