JOY, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: Part Ten

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Chapter 11: Joy’s Father

I turned the first knob a little bit to the left, but so it still pointed towards “past”. I turned the second knob to the right for “souls”. Then, I turned the last knob to “existence”, something I’d never done before. I blinked. I opened my eyes again, and in the right corner of the ambulance, a portal similar to the one that appeared in the picture. This one was blue, but the other one was red. More calmly than how I was when I got sucked in when I was inside the screen, I floated out of the portal and landed in an extremely odd room. In the corner, there was a folding table with a lumpy black cloth in the middle, and it appeared that the cloth was speaking. A piece of paper was attached to a ruler, and that was attached to the plastic table. In black ink, the word “Opulentos” was written on the paper. Floating souls with long, gray beards were holding candles in the middle of the room, but the weirdest thing of all was that in the centre of the men, two grimacing teenagers stood, and I knew exactly who they were. They had sent me here in the first place. “Get her.” Said the talking cloth, who I figured was Opulentos (because of the sign), who I thought was a man.

“She lives on Lerrinesser Avenue. Her house number is 555. There is a block out station near the Pizza 73. Take her there. Chicago. This is one of your last missions. We nearly have everyone.”

“Thank you, Opulentos. Will you ever show your face?” Said the one with bright orange hair and a tattooed snake on his ankle.

“No. Now bow to me.”

The two teenagers bowed to Opulentos, and everyone left. There I was, standing alone, thinking. I knew that the address Opulentos had uttered was my own. My old address. When I lived in Chicago.

Standing there, on my own, I heard a noise. It was sort of a grunting sound, like an elderly person struggling to wake up. I looked around, and my eyes landed on the black cloth that was Opulentos. He was rising. The cloth lifted, and I saw his face, but he didn’t see mine. I figured I could only see him, and he couldn’t see me since I was time travelling, and when it first happened I wasn’t really there. His face was dotted with freckles, and he had orange hair that matched the colour of Joy’s. If I could use one word to describe him, I would use the word golden. If I could use two words to describe him, I would use golden and horrible.

He walked out of a silver door in the corner of the room, so I just stood there for a while.

A small blue portal appeared in the corner of the ceiling. Now I turned the top knob as far towards “past” as it would go and left the other knobs the same. Another blue portal hovered in the corner of the room, but I was not sucked in. I came closer. I wasn’t sucked in. I examined the machine, and on the tiny flashing screen were these words: YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF FREE TRIALS. FOR EXISTENCE, PLEASE INSERT A QUARTER., and then went back to 2000S. 2000S. 2000s. 2000s.  I dug through my pockets. All I had was a paperclip and a piece of string. I searched all over the ambulance. No money at all.  

It was then when I noticed a strange door on the side of the ambulance, covered up by several coats and some cleaning supplies. I stared at the door. It had a sign on it. It read: NO ENTRY.  I was curious, and I was in need of money. Any door marked with no entry always seems to be begging us to go in, and, usually, has money locked inside. I needed that quarter. I gave in and walked up to the gray door. My hand slipped on to the shiny gray handle. My hand turned the handle. I pushed the door open…

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