Where do you belong in Santa’s workshop?

OK, OK. This is the second Christmas article we have posted and it is only December fourth, but we’re excited!

Take this quiz to find out where you belong in Santa’s workshop!


Out of the ways below, what would your favourite way to get in the Christmas spirit be?

  1. Drinking eggnog around a crackling fire and chatting with your friends while Christmas music plays in the background!
  2. Skating or skiing under twinkling stars!
  3. Writing your letter to Santa and listing all the things you want!
  4. Baking Christmas cookies and decorating them!


Out of these four items, which one would you most want to receive in your stocking?

  1. A photo of you and your best friends!
  2. A new athletic T-shirt!
  3. A mega-sized art kit!
  4. New socks!


Which one would you rather eat?

  1. Something you can share with your friends!
  2. A candy cane, because it is small.
  3. Peppermint hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, a candy cane, cake, gingerbread men, sugar cookies and chocolate, all topped with red and green sprinkles!
  4. Homemade Christmas sugar cookies!


If we asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?

  1. Considerate, giving, and loyal.
  2. Energetic, determined, and active.
  3. Funny, bright, and kind.
  4. Warm, kind and calm. (They would also mention that you love to bake and cook!)


The worst thing about Christmas is when it is over. What is your least favourite thing when Christmas comes to an end?

  1. When all of your relatives and friends go back home.
  2. When Christmas is over, you have a long, cold winter ahead of you. You hate that you can’t go outside and take a walk whenever you want!
  3. You have to go back to school.
  4. All of the Christmas baking and food gets put away!


Which of the following activities would you rather do?

  1. Make crafts or origami with your friends!
  2. Play basketball, hockey soccer or another team sport.
  3. Playing with a paper airplane or remote control car!
  4. Baking squares, loaves, or cookies with your parents.


Magnificent! Count up your answers and scroll down to see your results!

























If you got…

Mostly 1’s:
You are Santa Claus!
Your job would be to run the workshop and to read and answer Christmas wishlist letters sent in from girls and boys!
You are caring and believe that family is the most important thing. You think that Christmas is the best because you get to see loved ones that you care about. Your favourite part of Christmas is giving gifts to the people who love you, just like Santa Claus.

Mostly 2’s:
You are a reindeer!
Your job would be to pull the sled to carry Santa and his sleigh all around the world on Christmas Eve night!
You have a healthy attitude and you love staying active. You think that Christmas is the best because you get to go skating, skiing and sledding with friends. Reindeers love to run and stay active, too! They would not be able to pull the sled on Christmas night if they did not maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, just like you do.

Mostly 3’s:
You are a toy tester elf!
Your job would be to test out the many toys Santa creates to see if they are worthy to give to children around the world!
Like a toy tester elf, you are free spirited and love playing with toys. Your favourite part about Christmas is receiving brand new toys and playing with them! You look forward to Christmas for the new things you will receive, and you always seem more excited about the holidays than anyone else around you.

Mostly 4’s:
You are Mrs. Claus!
Your job would be to bake cookies, pies and squares for the elves, reindeer and Santa to enjoy!
You love to bake! Your favourite part about Christmas is baking Christmas cookies for yourself, your friends and family to enjoy. You look forward to Christmas because you can taste wonderful food – and make it! You are friendly and usually pretty happy, just like Mrs. Claus!


Did you enjoy our Christmas quiz? We hope so! Be sure to tell us what you got using our contact page!