How To Make The Wait Until Christmas Go By Faster

Some kids celebrate Christmas, some don’t. This article is for the kids who do celebrate Christmas, but it can be modified for other holidays celebrated in December (or other times during the year).

Christmas is fun, but the time leading up to Christmas is challenging. Painful, some might even say. You. Have. To. Be. So. Patient. This is why KidMag has prepared some tips to
help you get through the painful time of waiting for Christmas.

Tip #1:
Make a Christmas countdown. Count up how many days it is until Christmas from the day you are reading this (for example: from November 28, it would be 27 days until Christmas). Write down each number on a sheet of paper like this:Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 7.52.57 PM.png

Then, you can cross out each day as they pass. You will be able to see how little time you have to wait until Christmas actually comes. Plus, it will be fun to cross out each day and to see that you are making progress! Christmas is sooner than it looks!

Tip #2:
Plan out a 5-minute activity for each day until Christmas, such as making snowmen out of styrofoam balls or painting a picture of a Christmas tree. It will be entertaining, get rid of pre-Christmas boredom, and give you something to look forward to every day. We have five planned out to get you started:

Day One: Paint a small picture of a Christmas tree on a sheet of computer paper.

Day Two: Plan out a Christmas skit or short play. You can do this by yourself or with siblings, and you might perform it on Christmas for your family!

Day Three: Make a mask out of a paper plate or a piece of paper cut out like a circle. The mask could depict a reindeer, Santa, or an elf!

Day Four: Make a snowman out of cotton balls, styrofoam balls, or even scrunched up paper!

Day Five: Bake a batch of sugar cookies to enjoy!

Tip #3:
Read a long book series, like A Series Of Unfortunate Events, or Harry Potter. Reading these will fill your time, and are also long enough that you can keep reading and reading and reading for a long time. These will distract you from the long wait and will be fun to read as well. You can take trips to the library to find them, or ask for them as early Christmas presents.

Tip #4:
Take up a new hobby, particularly one that is Christmas themed. They will distract you from the terrible wait and can be something fun to do with your free time. Some examples might be:

Photographing (Christmas decorations).

Writing (Christmas stories).

Baking (Christmas cookies).

Drawing or painting (Christmas pictures).

Pick a topic and research it. You can make a slideshow, poster or essay displaying your knowledge of the topic. (Pick a Christmas theme, such as the science of snow, Christmas around the world, or any other ideas).

Knitting or crocheting (scarfs or hats to protect you from cold weather). You can learn how on YouTube!

Tip #5:
Write in a Christmas journal about what you are doing each day, like when you put up your Christmas tree or build a snow fort. This can help you get your excitement out, and also pass the time. Your journal entries can be one page long or ten pages long, depending on what you feel like writing. You can even write it with someone else, like your sister, brother or even your parents!

Tip #6:
Pre-Christmas boredom can multiply the feeling of excitement, which will make you impatient. Here are a few things to do when you are bored during Christmas break:

Listen to Christmas music!

Draw a picture of Santa, an elf or a reindeer!

Read a book. You will get lost in the imaginary world and will be distracted for a very long time!

Watch one or two Christmas cartoons, but not more than that.

Create a zip line for stuffed animals or dolls. All you need is scotch tape, string, and a hanger. To keep the Christmas spirit alive, play some Christmas carols in the background.

Make houses, a washing machine, and so much more using cardboard boxes! You can paint them Christmas colours or hand Christmas lights on them!

Take a jar, some rice (or salt), and some small objects, preferably ones that represent Christmas in some way (such as a miniature Christmas tree ornament or reindeer figurine). Pour the rice (or salt) into the jar so it fills up the whole jar, and put the small objects into the jar. Mix them into the rice. Put the lid on the jar, and you can spend some time spinning, shaking and twisting the jar to find each item inside!

Take a walk in the glimmering white snow!

Avoid binge-watching Netflix or YouTube, because they will eventually make you feel more bored, and make you feel tired.

Tip #7:
Go Christmas shopping! This is a lot of fun and will keep you entertained for a while. It is a very fun Christmas activity to do and will show many people that you care about them.

Tip #8:
Start to look forward to giving presents, receiving presents, and seeing your cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members. Just be excited about Christmas! Daydream about it in bed, think about it at recess, and be happy! Christmas is worth the wait!

Tip #9:
Many times on the night before Christmas, we are guessing that you can’t sleep. To avoid this, get lots of exercise to make yourself tired. Try to not think about the next day so that you can fall asleep more easily. Being tired on Christmas after all this wait would be terrible, so get a good sleep.

Tip #10:
Once the day has finally come, make the most of it. Give presents, be thankful for the presents you have received, and have fun! You should enjoy this day, you have waited for so long for it!

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you would like to share with us? Tell us about them here!