Best Party Ideas To Give You Some Inspiration For Your Next Celebration

Whether you are celebrating your birthday, an accomplishment of yours, or the holidays that are coming up, parties are a lot of fun. Parties can be big or little, and you usually look forward to them for a long time.

However, it can be a challenge to figure out what you want to do for your party. That is why KidMag has provided some very fun, unique party ideas to give you some inspiration for your next celebration.

  1. Sleepover party. Sleepover parties can be combined with many different parties, but we will tell you just the basics to start, and you can pick what another party idea you would want to combine this one with.
    Invite your closest pals for slumber fun and dance the night away! Some ideas to get you inspired are manicures and pedicures. Set up a mini spa in your house complete with nail polish, nail tools, lotion, and accessories. Have a dance party! Go to a swimming pool first!
    You can also play games like Would You Rather or Truth or Dare. For dinner, you can make your own pizzas.

All good sleepovers need a movie so you and your friends can pick one out when it’s time if you want, but that is not the best choice.

We recommend you pick one ahead of time to prevent drama and fighting. Finally, when it is all over, sleep. Have your guests set up sleeping bags wherever you want them to sleep. Before you drift off, talk in bed and giggle with each other for a while. Be sure to go to bed at the time your parent has told you, or you will be very tired. You probably will not be able to have this party again if you do not follow the set rules.

Pros: You can have the best night of your life complete with friends, food, and fun.

Cons: you will be very tired and cranky the next day and will have to invite a limited amount of friends.
(Bonus tip: 2-6 friends is the best amount for a sleepover.)


  1. Have a big scavenger hunt party. Invite your friends over for an afternoon of teamwork, problem-solving, and smart thinking.
    When your guests arrive you can put out some food for them to eat and talk for a while. Then, your parents or adult host will give you your first clue. Because the whole point of this party is the scavenger hunt, there should be around 10-20 clues leading up to a big surprise to ensure that there is enough for you to do. The prize at the end can be anything from a lit up room for a dance party, or a basket of fun for each friend to take home. After the scavenger hunt is finished, return to the kitchen for cake and snacks.

Pros: Super fun clues, deepen friendships.

Cons: There may be conflicts having to do with reading and finding clues.

  1. Themed party. These parties are meant to be done at home and have many benefits. These can be combined with other parties easily. For example, if you combined a Harry Potter themed party with a scavenger hunt, you could do Harry Potter themed clues and a Harry Potter-themed prize at the end. A few ideas for your themes could be:
  • Camping (tip: if you are combining this with a sleepover party, you could sleep in a tent, outdoors or indoors!)
  • Your favourite TV show/book/movie (Harry Potter, Disney Princesses etc.)
  • The beach
  • The 80’s
  • Emojis
  • Sports such as swimming, bowling, soccer or hockey

Pros: You don’t have to go anywhere. You can have your party in the comforts of your own home.

Cons: There will be a big mess to clean up when it is all over.


  1.  Spa party. Invite some friends over to get your nails done and put on some nice lotion at your house. You can set it up by yourself in your house, or hire a company to provide everything for you. Some ideas could be: painting your toenails and fingernails, putting on lotion, making lip balm, and resting your feet in warm water. After the spa portion has ended, you can play some party games, and then have cake!

(Bonus tip: Have your party at an actual spa, then go home and have cake and play a few games!).

Pros: You will get your nails painted with friends and feel relaxed when it’s over.

Cons: It can be very expensive.


  1. Go out for dinner party. This is very easily combined with a sleepover, as you would have the right amount of friends with you at the restaurant. This party is for older kids aged 9 – 14 (our recommendation). Invite 1-4 close friends and take them out to a nice restaurant. Have your parents eat at a separate table in the restaurant so you and your friends can order on your own, and be mature. For dessert, you can eat the provided dessert that your restaurant has, go out to a different restaurant for dessert, or you can come back home and have dessert there. (That seems like a lot of dessert options, but it is actually only three).

Pros: Being at a table on your own with friends and ordering whatever you like would be fun.

Cons: You may not like the choices on the menu. To prevent this, look at the menu ahead of time to see if it is the right restaurant for you.


  1. Go somewhere! You can go anywhere you like, as long as it is kid friendly. Some ideas include a trampoline park, escape room, art studio, climbing center, roller skating, ice skating, library, bowling alley, swimming pool, or a park. If you have any other ideas, you can use them too.

Pros: It will be a change of scenery and you will get to do some things you might not do normally.

Cons: It can be expensive (other than a park, library or other places where do not have to pay for admission.), and other guests may be disagreeable about the place you have chosen. Just remember that this party is for you, not for them. So, if you wanted to go to a trampoline park but your friends didn’t, remind them that this is your party, and ignore their negative attitudes if they continue to complain about your choice. However, if you would like to give your friends some choice, ask them where they’d like to go ahead of time. Just remember that the ultimate decision is up to you.


  1.  Go to a movie. Invite a few friends to see a movie in a movie theatre. Have your friends bring some money to buy popcorn and snacks before you enter the theatre. Some theatres have cool arcade games you can play as well. You can play a few of the arcade games, but be sure to ask your parents before the party even starts. You should not be asking that question in front of friends.

When the movie ends, you can either go to a restaurant for dinner or go back to your house to have food and cake.

Pros: You will get to see a movie on a large screen with friends while eating snacks, which is always fun.

Cons: You may not like the movie you are seeing, along with your friends. That would be very disappointing because that was the point of your party. To avoid this, you should check reviews of the movie online to see if other people enjoyed it.

We hope you enjoyed reading our party ideas! Be sure to tell us which party idea YOU liked best!