JOY, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: Part Nine

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Chapter 10: Knowing Nothing

I remembered that word. But I didn’t know where I remembered it from, and I didn’t know where the note came from, and I didn’t know how the crack was fixed, and I didn’t know why they fixed it, and I didn’t know who they were, and I didn’t know when they fixed it, I didn’t know when they dropped the note, and I didn’t know why there was a crack in the roof in the first place. I didn’t know more than I did know. The only thing that I knew is that I’d heard that word before, and that isn’t much to know. Suddenly, the whole world seemed mysterious and gloomy, and I didn’t know what to do about it. I decided it was pointless to sit around here and do nothing, so I came to a conclusion. I was going to show Joy the note. Again, using the window as a foothold, I attempted to climb off the roof. But holding the paper in my dominant hand, I slipped and fell onto the ground off the building. A sharp pain shot up my leg, and I screamed in agony and pain. “OW!” I lost the note. It didn’t particularly matter at that point, all I cared about was that my leg had a big open wound. “OW!” A woman rushed up to me. “Are you okay?”

“NO!” I screamed.

“We have to get you to emergency services!” She said, and she started running around screaming. “Help!” She yelled. “Help!” I was carried away in a rickety ambulance. I woke up in the same ambulance on an old-fashioned stretcher matching the style of the unsteady ambulance, wearing bandages on my leg. It felt better, but I had no idea how long I’d been asleep for. No one was with me. An odd gray machine with springs coming out of it every this way and that sat in a corner, and above it, there was a window with the curtains drawn. I opened the window. There was nothing there but darkness. It was as black as it was when I was falling. I noticed a knob on the machine with words written in neat handwriting, in bright red ink.


And then, below it, was the word


And below that…


And below that was another knob. The more this unfolded, the more I didn’t know. I examined the machine closely, and noticed on the back there was one more knob with a blue label above it:


Right above that, there was a small gray screen flashing: 2000s. 2000s. 2000s. 2000s.

Now there was more I didn’t know: I didn’t know what the machine was, I didn’t know what “FIGURES” meant, I didn’t know what the knobs were for, I didn’t know when I was, and, again, I didn’t what Opulentos was. But one of the questions was about to be solved. I turned the first knob as far as it would go to the left for “past”, and I turned the second knob to the left for “soul”. Then I turned the third knob to the right for “watch.” The small screen blurred like a fuzzy snowstorm, but after a few seconds, a clear picture appeared. I was standing next to Joy and a person who looked like a younger version of my mother in what looked like one of our rooms. We all looked about ten years old, but of course, my mother looked like she was in her thirties. It looked like we were talking about something funny. We all appeared to be souls because we were floating. A small portal appeared in one of the walls in the picture. Joy ducked under a table, but me and my mother were dragged out of the wall and into a world unknown. I had no memory of this ever happening. Now I knew what the knobs did, but I had had no idea when this happened. One question was answered, but an even bigger question was created. The screen turned to a snowstorm again, and then the year appeared back on the screen: 2000s. 2000s. 2000s. 2000s.I wanted to play around with the machine for a while, so I switched the second knob to “men” and turned the top knob slightly towards the right, but so it still pointed towards “past”. A picture appeared on the minuscule screen. In the picture, I was being dragged across a parking lot by two teenagers. I recognized the teenagers, and I knew where I was. A building came into view. It had no windows, and it was made of bulletproof metal. It was completely black, and behind it was a Pizza 73. The teenagers said words to me, but I could not hear them. That was when I noticed a tiny knob below the tiny screen. It was marked “Volume” in plain black ink. There was no other label, so I turned the knob slightly to the right. I could hear now. I heard wind rustling, and cars passing by. The parking lot was empty, and it was the day. The teenagers and I were talking.

“You may die.”

“Oh” I replied sarcastically. “I am so scared.”

“Seriously, kid. People have gone in there and ever come out.”

I didn’t know the teenagers, so I didn’t trust them. It was smart to do that, I thought because most teenagers were liars. They thought they were so strong and powerful, and that all kids were stupid, or at least that’s what I thought teenagers were at the time. I wanted to stand up to these teenagers, to prove to them I wasn’t that gullible. I thought back to this time. Those teenagers were terrible people, but they also were honest.

They opened the door to the building and they dragged me inside. This building had appeared in the times when dinosaurs were still alive, and I’d used it to escape. But as I entered it in the picture, I was putting myself in danger, and if I hadn’t ever gone into that room, I would never be here at this moment. In the picture, the walls were as dark as the night and in the room, there was only just enough light to see.

They threw me against the surface. With that, I got pinned to the wall, and that was it. From that day forward, I would never see daylight again. They dropped me. I. Was. Dead. Or so I thought.

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