How To Get the Best Presents Possible during the Holidays

Every child loves Christmas, or Hanukkah or any other traditional holiday in December. Most of these holidays involve giving and receiving gifts, and although many parents and grownups say “ giving is better than receiving”, although it is often fun to give gifts, it is also nice to receive something cool. So, to make sure you get the best holiday gifts possible, follow KidMag’s handy guide and you might just receive that new smartphone or art kit you want!

To get started, we would like to tell you this is not an article on how to play evil tricks on your parents to trick them into them getting you the present you want. This article is not about how to suck up to your parents, it only teaches you how to be responsible, which shows your parents you are worthy of the gift you’d like. This is not an article you should read behind your parent’s backs, and in this article, there is nothing that a parent shouldn’t be able to see.

Tip #1

Make sure to be helpful. This may include helping with laundry, making your bed, finally cleaning your closet, sweeping, setting the table, or any other thing that you would think your parents would really appreciate from you. If you already have assigned chores, make sure the tasks you are choosing do not interfere with your sibling’s chores. For example, your extra special task will be wiping the table, but that is already your sibling job. One more thing: don’t tell your parents why you are doing the extra jobs. If you do, they will realize that you aren’t just doing the extra work because you care, but that you are doing it because you want that new tablet, or whatever you desperately want.

Tip #2

This tip is probably the hardest to follow because it involves controlling what you say and do, and that is a struggle for many of us. The second tip is to think before you act. For example, if you really don’t like your dinner one night, you should say

“This meal isn’t exactly to my taste, but thank you.”, or

“Do you mind if we could have this meal less often? I appreciate you making this meal for me, but next time I would rather have something else.”

Your parents will definitely take note of this behaviour if you often say things like

“Why this meal tonight?” or

“I hate these carrots, they taste like barf”.

The next part of this tip is for the kids out there who have to deal with siblings. And yes, brace yourself, because these words are probably the most revolting words you will ever hear: BE KIND TO YOUR SIBLINGS! There, you read it. But sadly, it is true. If you are kind to your sibling, you will feel better about yourself, and there won’t be as many conflicts between you and your sibling, and your parents will definitely love the new behaviour. For example, there is one cookie left, and your younger brother really wants it. You’ve only eaten two out of the 7 cookies, but you know that if your brother ate the last one, he would be really happy. You pick up the last cookie and hand it to your brother.

That sort of thing, like being the bigger person. If you have an older sibling, resist annoying them and try to be helpful towards them. And if you are the middle child, help both of your siblings in the examples listed.

Tip #3

Don’t complain. If you really want a phone, you aren’t going to get it by complaining about not having one. Try to resist from saying things like;

“If I had a phone, I could call my friends all the time, but I have to use your phone instead.”, or,

“My friend has had her phone since she was seven, and I’m eleven and don’t even have an iPod!”
When your parents hear those comments, it tells them you aren’t ready for what you want, and you don’t deserve it. Yes, they listen to these remarks, but it does the opposite of what you want it to.

Tip #4

Be responsible. Most parents look for responsibility before giving their child a phone, or a pet. This is because they want to see if you can handle a big commitment without being reminded constantly. Most of the examples in the last few tips can help prove responsibility, but in case you want more tips, here they are:

-Use your parent’s money appropriately when you are given it

-Walk the dog without being asked

-Get up at your set time, not sleeping an extra ten minutes

– Take out the trash without being asked

-Make your bed without being asked

-Make good choices for yourself

-Don’t beg to stay up later, especially when you know that if you do, you have trouble waking up in the morning

If you think of any ways to prove responsibility, you can use them too.

Tip #5

Show Love. Yes, yes, this is a very cheesy tip, but parents appreciate that no matter what. Start your day by saying “ I love you Mom” or “ I love you Dad”. Your parents will smile and probably say the same thing back. Give them a hug after school, and say “I love you” again before bed.

Tip #7

Create a slide show, poster or document listing all of the reasons you should get the thing you what. For example, if you want a pet, we will use a lizard for the example, you should do plenty of research on the lizard to show your parents that you will be responsible. Remember to be polite about this, of course, or you will ruin your chances.


We hope these tips will improve your chances of getting your desired present this December! Also, remember to tell us if YOU tried any of these tips and if they have been working.