Which City Should You Live In?

Which city would you be happiest living in? Find out by taking this quiz!


If you could do anything you wanted for one day it would be…

  1. Going to a waterslide park, and laughing all the way down the slide with your friends and family!
  2. Planting your favourite plants in a secret garden with your friends.
  3. Visiting an animal shelter and volunteering to take dogs for walks, along with grooming and feeding them.
  4. Climbing the biggest climbing wall in the world, and then going out for smoothies.
  5. Conducting a never seen before experiment that gives answers to global warming!


Out of the outfits below, which one would you more likely wear?

  1. A sweater your grandmother made for you and hand-me-down jeans from your older sibling.
  2. A shirt made out of recycled bottles that says; “be the change you wish to see in the world”.
  3. A bright yellow shirt with a skateboarding bulldog on it.
  4. A breathable top with black shorts.
  5. A plaid shirt and jeans.


When you go to school, you look forward to…

  1. Seeing your friends and talking about your weekend!
  2. Listening to your teacher talk about the trees and forests unit.
  3. Looking at the cute dogs getting walked across the street.
  4. Going out for recess and playing 4-square with friends!
  5. Creating tricky math problems for your peers and teachers.


If your friends had to pick out of the phrases below, which one would they say describes you best?

  1. Kind, caring, considerate.
  2. Passionate, determined, unique.
  3. Playful, loving, creative.
  4. Active, goal-oriented, and motivated.
  5. Smart, clever and intelligent.


Your favourite book out of the choices below would be about…

  1. Two sisters who learn to respect each other’s differences.
  2. A group of kids who change the world by planting over 1,000 trees.
  3. A story of two dogs of different breeds on a journey to find a home.
  4. An Olympic medalist’s biography.
  5. The true stories of several famous scientists and mathematicians.


What is your dream job out of the options below?

  1. You would love to be a popular Youtuber because you can work from home and stay with your family!
  2. A conservationist!
  3. A veterinarian!
  4. A professional sports player such as a basketball player, hockey player, or soccer player!
  5. A scientist of some sort.


Great! Now count up your results and scroll down for answers!

























If you got:

Mostly 1’s: You should live in Alpharetta, United States because it is a friendly, hospitable small town where everyone knows each other. Because you believe that family is the most important thing you have, this is the perfect place for you to live. You think friends are more important than money, and that the key to happiness is to have good friendships.

Mostly 2’s: You should live in Siegen, Germany because it is an environmentally friendly city with a love for being green. In Germany, to produce electricity, they use sources such as wind, the sun, and water, which means they use renewable energy, which is very good for the planet. Because you have a love for plants and the environment, this is the perfect city for you.

Mostly 3’s: You should live in Portland, United States because it is a pet-friendly city with over thirty dog parks and plenty of dog meet-ups like the Pug Crawl and Pitbull Parade. Because you love animals, especially dogs, and you believe they should have the same rights as people, this is the perfect city for you.

Mostly 4’s: You should live in Madison, United States because they have many playgrounds, basketball hoops and 14,440 running trails to help you keep healthy. Because you love being active and staying strong, this is the perfect city for you.

Mostly 5’s: You should live in Tokyo, Japan because this city is very technologically advanced. It is home to The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and is generally just a very smart city. Because you believe school comes first, and that science and math are fun, Tokyo is the perfect city for you.


Thank you for taking our quiz! We hope you tell us what your results were using our contact page!