6 Myths That Will Make You Question Your Knowledge of Many Things

Below KidMag has listed some myths you should know the truth about… you will wish you’d learned these sooner!

  1. Tomato soup/juice does not get rid of skunk odour when you or your pet has been sprayed by a skunk! It just masks the smell, meaning that it just makes it so you smell the tomato juice instead of the actual skunk smell.
  2. Carrots are actually not good for your eyes. It was a myth created by the British during World War Two when they created radar. They did not want the Nazis to find out about radar, so they told everyone that the reason they could see so well in planes at night was that they ate a lot of carrots, but the true reason was that they used radar. So next time your mom tells you to eat your carrots because they are good for your eyesight, you can tell her this. (But you should still eat your carrots).
  3. If you go outside with wet hair, you won’t catch a cold. The reason for catching a cold actually isn’t being cold, although colds tend to happen more often during winter. The true reason for catching a cold is actually very small germs that spread everywhere. So, germs give you colds, not being cold.
  4. Eating chocolate does not give you pimples. Although your older sibling might start refusing your offer for chocolate because it causes skin problems, you should tell them that giving up the sweet treat won’t make a difference. Some people have found that eating more chocolate gives you more pimples, but no scientists can prove that the chocolate actually was the cause of the pimples. So far, we are pretty sure that chocolate and zits don’t have a direct link, so don’t worry!
  5. If you cut a worm in half, it definitely will not become two different worms. Worms can regrow their tail, but if you were to cut a worm directly in half, unfortunately, the worm won’t live more lives. Sorry!
  6. Mice do not like cheese. Most people have no idea where this myth stemmed from, people are still trying to figure that out today. Mice actually like all foods, and they do not really have any preferences. They will eat anything they find, including cheese, but it is not their favourite.

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