JOY, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: Part Eight

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Chapter 9: Dead

Adam was gone. I was standing on the cracked roof of the biggest house in New York City. It was the only way to escape. Only I had made it. He was gone. The only way out was through the crack in the roof. I stood on his shoulders and climbed out. He said he had a way out after me. He didn’t. He lied. For me. If he hadn’t said that, I wouldn’t have gone out. I would have tried to save both of us. But I would have failed. And we both would have died. I cried for hours on the cracked roof. Eventually, on the horizon, I noticed that the sun was rising at a steady pace. Shaking and using the window as a foothold, I climbed off the roof. I sat down on the wet, dewy grass and took out the circular sheet of glass. I peered through it at the sunrise, thinking of Adam, and the time when we discovered the glass. I remembered the story off-by-heart, but this time, the story was different:

The world was born. Before it was born, everything was dark. The world was created by Lola. Battles she has fought for the world, and battles she has won. But the world was never supposed to exist. And there are battles ahead of her. She may lose. She may win, but losing may be for the good. The world is not supposed to exist. It doesn’t belong here. Soon everyone will be choosing sides. Everything will be torn apart. Opulentos is taking over. Nothing will be the same. Help”.

I looked back at the dully painted door. I stood up, shaking more than ever. Unsteadily, I grasped the rusty doorknob and pushed. The door creaked slightly, and it didn’t before. I didn’t think it rained, so I was confused. After a few curious moments, I walked past and peered around the empty corridor, and down to my room. Before I made it all the way there, I noticed the high pitched screeching that sounded like crying that me and Adam had encountered that night. Adam would want me to be brave, I thought, You can do this. I paced down the corridor, bracing myself for something heart-wrenching, or something worse. The screeching sound was louder than ever. I looked around. Left, right, left, right. Finally, I looked down. Crouched beside the door to our room, was freckled Joy with tears streaming down her golden face. And she was making the screeching noise. I didn’t know what to say, so I just sat down next to her and touched har hand. “Joy,” I said. No response. “Joy,” I say again. Silence. Then,

“I’m not Joy.” I immediately knew what she was talking about.

“I know.” I said. “You are Lola.”

“Yeah. But I renamed myself Joy. And then I created the world. And now the biggest monster of them all is after us. All of us.” I wanted to change the subject, so I said,

“The door is rusty.”


“It hasn’t rained yet. As long as this house has been standing, there hasn’t been a drop of rain, so why is it rusty?”

“It just rained last night!”


“Oh.” Now I understood everything. Adam had died for nothing. There was nothing I could do. He was gone. We were trying to escape from a poisonous black liquid. It was water that looked black and ominous in the darkness of the dreadful, rainy night. We’d stayed floating in what we thought was poison to stay away from a dreadful screeching noise, but it was only Joy crying. The only event I couldn’t explain was the giant crack in the roof. It seemed relatively sturdy, and any roof wouldn’t just crack without reason.

I pretty much spent the whole day bawling. I climbed on top of the roof and sobbed uncontrollably. I didn’t notice it, but at some point, the roof was repaired and in the place of the crack, the was a bottle and inside the bottle there was a note. Later I opened the bottle and read the note. Scrawled in messy handwriting, was one word: Opulentos.


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