What Movie Character Are You?

Wondering which movie character personality matches yours? Find out by taking this quiz!

What would you be doing on a Saturday morning?
1. Watching cartoons.
2. Sleeping in.
3. Stretching or taking an early morning bike ride.
4. Reading a book in bed.

If this was a menu at a restaurant, what would you order?
1. Grilled cheese or chicken fingers.
2. Preferably something that responsibly sources their meat… you do not believe animals should be treated cruelly.
3. A salad.
4. Something off the adult’s menu.

Out of the subjects below, which one is your favourite?
1. Art. You are very creative!
2. I like all the subjects!
3. Gym. You love staying active!
4. You like math, science, writing and social studies. Music and art just aren’t your thing!

If you could change the world, but you had to change it in one of the ways below, how would you change the world?
1. You wish that unicorns could get along with people, and that people could stop being so serious.
2. You wish that everyone could be more kind. If everyone was caring, the world would be so much better! Just think of how much more you could do if the whole world was kind!
3. You wish that people could be more active and stop staring at screens all day!
4. You wish that people could put down their phones and read a book. A book can take you to a new world that you have never explored! A computer cannot.

The world is being attacked by unidentified creatures people have never seen before. What do you do?
1. Go to the basement and hide as your parents have instructed you to do. You are sure that everyone else will sort this out, and you couldn’t help them, anyway.
2. Be kind to the creatures. Try to talk to them and make them feel at home. People may think you are crazy, but maybe the reason they are attacking is because they have never felt kindness! If they do, maybe they will get a sense of empathy.
3. Try to fight them off physically. You can use the moves you learned in karate!
4. Try to figure out why they are attacking and outsmart them. Physical force won’t stop them, but you may be able to trick them into giving up!

Your friend invited you to sleepover at their house, but you have a lot of homework to get through. What would you do?
1. Ask your parents what they think.
2. You could never say no to a friend! Go over to the sleepover anyways.
3. Ask yourself what kind of homework it is. If it is a subject you don’t like, you would go to the sleepover.
4. You know that school comes before anything else. Stay back and do the homework. You know that it is very important.

Perfect! Now count up which you answered most and scroll down to reveal the answers!



















If you got…

Mostly 1’s: Agnes from Despicable Me (and sequels)
You are silly and love unicorns. You know that you are not as mature as your friends are, but you are OK with that. You love to laugh and fool around – which sometimes can get you in trouble. You are always having fun, and you can make the best of any situation.

Mostly 2’s: Cinderella from Cinderella (and sequels)
You are kind and lighthearted; others are what matter the most to you.
 You always remember to be kind to animals and people alike, and people like you for it. You may have trouble prioritizing sometimes, but you know that kindness can help you anywhere. Your motto is “kindness is free, so spread the stuff everywhere!”

Mostly 3’s: Dash from The Incredibles (and sequels)
You are a healthy person and being active always comes first. Your friends love how you are always determined to meet a goal, or how motivated you get about a charity run. You do prefer sports over school, but you don’t hate school, either. Keep staying strong, and you will be sure to succeed!

Mostly 4’s: Matilda from Matilda
You are smart and think logically. School for you is easy, because you have a passion to learn new things, whether in science, writing, math or social studies. Your teachers can trust you, and expect high quality work from you. Your friends admire your talent to solve any problem, and they always come to you if they have a question. Some people may call you a “nerd”, but you don’t care. You simply smile and embrace that inner nerd!

We hope you enjoyed our quiz! Also, be sure to tell us which movie character you got HERE!