JOY, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: Part Seven

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Chapter 8: One Thing

I peered out of the damp and dusty cave. I had woken myself up, screaming like a banshee. There was nothing out there, but I had a feeling that something amazing was going to happen. I woke Adam up and he had a twinkle in his eye. He was having that feeling too. We both ran to the edge of the red cave and looked around like we were expecting something. Finally, we got it. The brightest light I have ever seen in my life appeared a few meters away. It was even brighter than the sun. Looking at it for a millisecond, you would be blinded. We turned around, our backs facing the amazing light. It lit up the cave beautifully. Minutes later, the light was gone, and the cave was boring again. We turned around to face a village with people bustling around inside and a beautiful marble fountain in the middle. Looking up, I saw Joy floating above the town with a pleased smile on her face. She disappeared. A woman ran into a house. A man ran into his. A child ran into hers. Soon, everyone in the town was inside their house. But one house that looked much bigger than the others was empty. Joy appeared sitting on the marble fountain in the center gazing into  the red hole me and Adam were in, and we ran up to her. “Welcome to the seventeen-hundreds!” She said, smiling. “You are in New York City!” We looked so shocked. “You know,” she said, “this is considered a big city at this time. I know you are from the two-thousands. This sure comes as a shock to you doesn’t it?”

“Really?” Adam asked.

“Yes. Now, I suppose I should show you to our house. We will be living with each other! Isn’t that exciting? We even get a cook and a maid!” She led us to the only empty house in the city. She opened the creaky door and we piled in. There was barely enough room for the three of us if we were all in one room, even though it was the biggest house in the city . In the kitchen we met Anastasia, our cook. She greeted us happily, but shooed us off to the next room to meet Cassandra, our grumpy maid. After she forced a hello, we rushingly threw ourselves out of the living room and Joy showed us to our rooms. Me and Adam were sharing a room, but we got separate beds. It appeared the mattresses were just sheets of cotton stuffed with straw and hay, and there were thin sheets for our covers. The stuffy room was really warm, but it was better than the caves we had been sleeping in the past few years. We spent the rest of the day playing chess with Joy. After dinner we went to bed.

At midnight, I heard a “crack!” Adam heard it too. We scrambled out of bed. “Crack!” It was the same sound. “What is that?” Asked a voice. It was Adam. At first I assumed he was talking about the cracking. But then I realised he was talking about something else. “Crack!” A large crack appeared it the unsteady ceiling. “What is that?” Adam asked again. I strained my ears. I heard a high pitched weeping. The sound was getting closer. Soon, it seemed as if it was coming from the tiny hallway. “Crack!” The crack became bigger and an unidentified liquid began seeping in from the roof. “What are we going to do?”

“I have no idea.” I answered. “We can’t go out there.”

“I know!” He shouted over the splashing of the liquid and the cracks in the roof. The shrieking was getting louder. It almost sounded like someone crying. The room was filling up with the liquid. We couldn’t see it in the dark, but it looked like a cloudy, charcoal black and, although we had no way of knowing, it looked poisonous. It looked deadly. But there was nothing we could do to get out. We couldn’t follow the screaming in the hallway. And the black liquid was up to our shoulders already. It was pouring in, fast. We weren’t sure which was more dangerous. But we were terrified. In our minds, there was only one thing to do. In her mind, we could do anything. But we didn’t know she was here. The truth is, we knew nothing. Not compared to her.


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