Best Movies For A Peaceful Family Movie Night

It can be hard when your family announces “FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT”! Most of the time, there are disagreements over movies and suggestions on snacks. Your younger sibling likes cartoons and your older sibling likes horror movies. That is why movie nights are a struggle.


Unless you are an agreeable, only child. But that is quite rare these days.

So, need help for next movie night? Below is a list of movie suggestions, and hopefully, your next movie night will be as peaceful as ever.


  1. Wonder

Description: This movie is about a young boy named August who has a facial deformity. August has never been to a real school before; he’s been home schooled his whole life, until now. August will start middle school like any other 11-year-old boy. Of course, middle school is very challenging even without a face like August’s. But it is even more of a struggle for August because, as you might have guessed, he is bullied tremendously. But as the school year goes on, Augusts makes a best friend, wins the science fair, and finally, fits in.

  1. My Life As A Zucchini

Description: Although the title sounds very odd, it actually isn’t about what an average zucchini does everyday. It is actually about a boy named Zucchini who has an alcoholic mother. Eventually, his mother dies and Zucchini feels very guilty, because he was partly responsible. Soon after, he is sent to an orphanage and meets other children like him. Overall, this is a beautiful movie with beautiful stop motion animation, and a great story. There are some inappropriate references, most of which will go over children’s heads, but it is always good to look at reviews on Common Sense Media, just in case.

  1. Coco

Description: This movie takes place in Mexico during the day of the dead celebration. Miguel, a young boy, loves to listen to, play, and talk about music. There’s only one problem: his family has banished music from their lives, and hates the sound of anything that has a beat to it. Unless it’s the pounding of the hammer they use to make their shoes (shoemaking is their family company). When Miguel needs to borrow a guitar to play in the plaza (behind his family’s back, of course) he finds himself in the spiritual world, where he meets his long dead relatives. Miguel explores the spiritual world, and meets all sorts of “people”. There is only one catch; if Miguel does not return home by sunrise, he will have to live in the spiritual world forever.


  1. The Greatest Showman

Description: Beginning with homelessness, starvation and almost death, P.T. Barnum’s life did not start out very glamorously. His father had died, and there was very little hope for him. However, through all of this, he still did manage to always stay close to one friend: Charity, a wealthy girl who was the daughter of the employer of Barnum’s dad before he passed. Later, he goes on to marry Charity and begins a legacy that would live on for decades: starting a circus. Based on a true story, this amazing rags to riches tale is definitely a must-see for the whole family.

  1. Zootopia

Description: Judy Hopps, a bunny, has always dreamed of being a police officer, even though, for decades, her family have been carrot farmers. Judy is persistent, and eventually gets a spot on the police service, although, she is assigned as parking duty, which is basically just walking around and putting tickets on cars. But when there are several missing animals on the loose, Judy has the chance to solve a real case, but she has very little time. So, instead of going alone, she asks a mischievous fox to help her. Together they investigate crime scene, take notes, and spend hours at a bank run by sloths. That’s right, sloths. But together, Judy and her partner solve the mystery, and Judy is never underestimated again!

  1. Inside Out

Description: Have you ever wondered what and who controls your emotions and feelings? Turns out, it’s these little colourful guys with funny yet suitable names such as Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust. Inside Out is a story about an eleven year old named Riley, who, although she doesn’t realise it, loses the emotions Joy and Sadness, because they get lost in the twists and turns of Riley’s brain. You can only imagine what could happen with sadness and happiness missing from your palette of emotions!

  1. Matilda

Matilda Wormwood was born into an awful family. From the time she was two, she was often left alone in the house to care for herself for hours at a time. By the time she was seven, Matilda knew how to make pancakes, read, brush her hair, and take care of herself. Matilda’s parents were very unkind and unloving, telling Matilda that she was not meant to be born and a mistake. But Matilda is really smart, and desperately wants to go to school. One day, her father tells her he found a suitable school for her, and she’s starting the next morning. Matilda is thrilled and can’t wait, but she doesn’t realize what school she’s going to. The headmistress of her new school, Ms. Trunchbull is not what she expected at all.  Ms. Trunchbull is far more abusive than her parents, making Matilda almost wish she didn’t even go to school. But that all changed when she met Ms. Honey… Join Matilda as she suffers through mean parents addicted to the television, a crazy mean headmistress, and her even crazier super power!

  1. Annie (2014)

Description: Annie Bennett lives in a foster home, with a mean caretaker, Ms. Hannigan. Annie and her friends at the foster home must scrub the floors all day and only get cold “mush” for breakfast. Will Stacks is a politician running mayor, who most of city admires. When he saves Annie from getting run over by a car, the video soon goes viral, and increases his chances of being elected. That’s when Stacks realizes that if he adopts Annie for a few weeks, and posts pictures every day, he will win the election. Soon, Annie realises that she is only being fostered by Will for publicity. Mr. Stacks must choose between Annie’s love, or being the mayor of New York City.

  1. Alex And Me

Description: Reagan is a 13-year-old soccer lover. She loves nothing else. And she has a life-size poster of her idol in her room, Alex Morgan, an olympic medalist, and player on the women’s US soccer team. Reagan tries out for her local team, Crush, but she doesn’t make the cut. Disappointed, Reagan looks to her parents for support, but they are too busy to worry about her because of her football fandom brother, who is being offered scholarship after scholarship. Reagan knows that if she wants to play on a team this season, she needs to branch out. That’s when a friend tells her about a soccer team in need of an extra player. Reagan is excited to join, but she realizes the team might need some help. For example: their field is an abandoned lot where city trucks drop by sometimes, and the goalie is allergic to grass. Then, Reagan hits her head particularly hard one day, and her life size poster of Alex Morgan comes to life. At first, Reagan thinks she’s seeing things, after all, she just hit her head! But Alex appears to be real and she wants to help train Reagan.  After weeks of getting up early to dribble, do push ups, squats, drills and more, Reagan is improving. Inspiring her teammates to do the same, the Breakaways (their team name) might even have a chance at a big tournament.

10. Sing

Description: Buster Moon, a theatre loving koala needs an idea to save his theatre. His idea, is to host a singing competition with a grand prize of 1,000 dollars. Buster thinks his plan is brilliant, but he soon discovers his secretary accidentally wrote $100,000 on the posters advertising his contest. And now, there are animals everywhere who think they are getting $100,000 in prize money. Buster needs a clever way out, and he is out of ideas. Join buster as he takes on the hardest task of his life, and meets friends he will never forget. This movie is filled with singing, dancing, and humour.

That is all the movies KidMag has listed. If you would like to hear more, or if you watched one and enjoyed it, please tell us by using our contact page!

WAIT! One more thing. Before watching any of these movies, aways check Common Sense Media,  just to be sure the movie you have chosen is appropriate for ALL ages.