Do You Want A Pet But Your Parents Say No? Here are a few pets your parents just might be OK with.

OK, first of all, if you are a parent, GO AWAY!

This article is not for your grown-up eyes.
But anyways, if you are a kid, continue reading. The article is about to begin…


Most of us want pets. But lots of us have parents who aren’t exactly animal people. The first pet that comes to mind when you want to add an animal to your family is probably something like…

Or even
But your parents probably won’t go for that right away. Eventually, you may get your puppy or kitten, but unless your parents are true animal people, you are going to have to start small. But small doesn’t necessarily mean “not awesome”. The list of pets below are still great, but better for your parents.

  1. African dwarf frogs. These tiny little frogs only need a gallon of water each, and can be kept with betta fish (more on them later). They are very active and have relatively long lives. They are adorable as babies and still cute when full grown.
  2. A snail. This is probably something you never would have thought of when thinking of pets you could get, but they are actually quite cool and are very easy to take care of. You could get an aquatic snail (note: at pet stores they may be called “mystery snails”). It only needs 2 gallons for 1-2 snails, and that takes up very little space. You can buy many more types of snails at pet stores, or you can catch them in your garden. The best thing is, for most types of snails, their food can just be leftovers from your fridge. (Be sure to do your research to make sure that the kind of snail you buy can live on table scraps.)
  3. Betta fish. There are many common myths about certain kinds of fish, so before we say the basic facts about bettas, we are going to get rid of those myths. The first one isn’t exactly about betta fish. The first one is… goldfish cannot be kept in bowls. No fish should be kept in bowls. In fact, if you get a goldfish, at the absolute minimum, you need a 30 gallon tank. Betta fish should never be kept in tanks less than 2.5 gallons. That is the minimum. If you disagree with that, try locking yourself in a small closet for as long as you can, only getting food. We bet you won’t even be able to stay in their for a week, and you expect a fish to live like that their whole life? The second myth is that you can’t feed your betta only one kind of food. If you disagree, try eating only cucumbers for as long as you can. We bet you won’t last four days. Your betta fish needs a variety of foods. You need two different kinds of pellets, bloodworms, and maybe flakes. You should have two different kinds of food at the very least. The final myth is that they don’t need a filter or heater, and they are tropical fish, so they do. If you disagree with this, trying living in the arctic with only a thin sweater for you whole life. We bet that you won’t be able to do that.
    Well, we basically just told you everything you need to know about betta fish, and a few facts about goldfish. But there are still a few more things you should know. The first one is you should never keep a goldfish and a betta fish together. You also should never keep two bettas together. Another things is that many pet stores tell you to feed them once every three days, because they will die if you overfeed them. That is true, but it is better to feed them at least five pellets a day. The last thing you need to know is betta fish are called Siamese Fighting Fish sometimes, but they are only violent to other betta fish and fish that look like them.
  4. Sea monkeys! OK, technically they are called brine shrimp. They are super easy to care for, and only need to be fed every five days. Typically, sea monkeys live for two years, but because they spawn frequently, you should have an ever lasting supply of them! Do your research on where to buy them, or order them online!
  5. This last one is an absolute last resort. This one is only if your parents absolutely despise animals and won’t let you get anything. This is going to sound ridiculous but… ANT FARM! It may not be what you wanted, but at least you got something. Maybe you can prove your responsibility, and your parents will get you what you really wanted.


If your parents still don’t want any of these, respect their wishes. Try proving your responsibility by doing extra chores and point out that you are doing extra work. If it is still a no, keep trying. It could still happen.


Always remember to do your research before buying any pet, and don’t buy from a commercial pet store. Buy from a local one with a good reputation. Check the ratings online.


Have fun, and tell us if you got one of these pets using the contact page!