The Best of the Best of the Internet for Kids

The internet is an amazing thing that has the power to do so much, whether it’s finding out what the weather will be like, or whether it’s watching Nyan Cat over and over again. It can be very entertaining, but also very useful.

Below, KidMag has comprised a list some of the best things to do on the internet if you are a kid.


  1. Listen to a podcast called “Short and Curly”. This funny, clever ethics podcast is very entertaining and fun. The hosts answer questions like, “Should Celebrities Keep it Real?” and “Should You Eat Your Pet?”
  2. Watch a YouTube channel called “Tasty”, where you can learn to cook fun things, and watch a cooking competition called “I Draw, You Cook”. Tasty even has their own cookbooks!
  3. Go to a website called “CBC Kids News” where you can find out about the latest news in words you can understand, play games, enter contests and watch videos.
  4. Watch a YouTube channel called “Taylor Nicole Dean”. This very funny (but technically educational) YouTube channel about animals and Taylor’s thirty pets is great for learning how to care for pets of your own, and for learning about animals in general,  in humorous ways.
  5. Browse for books using “Common Sense Media”, where you can find good descriptions and age recommendations for books you may want to read.
  6. Learn how old you look by using “How”. Yes, a robot guesses your age. You can even play a fun game with your friends where you try to be either as old or young as possible, which can be a blast, especially when the robot guesses you are 304.
  7. Generate hilarious stories with an online game of Mad Libs! Just fill in the blanks, and then click a button. Then, a hilarious story is made!
  8. Learn about everything in a fun way at “National Geographic Kids“.  You can play games, look at photos and watch videos.
  9. Go to KidMag, of course! We hope you enjoy exploring the internet!

    Please tell us what your favourite website is!NEVER, EVER, EVER GO ON THE INTERNET WITHOUT A PARENT.